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Bitget PoolX: An All-Year-Round Version Of Bitget Launchpool

Bitget PoolX: An All-Year-Round Version Of Bitget Launchpool

2024-04-25 | 5m

PoolX is Bitget's newly launched staking platform, where users can earn popular tokens by staking designated cryptocurrencies. Rewards are distributed hourly based on the proportion between each user's staked amount and the total amount staked. Since the launch of its first project, CHATAI, on April 8, Bitget PoolX has launched 10 other projects, meaning there’s a new project going live almost every day. The average return ranges from 10% to 45%, with an APY of 35%. Considering that the upper staking limit is often set at 10,000 BGB or 10,000 USDT, users can accumulate substantial earnings when participating in Bitget PoolX’s pools on a daily basis.

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What is the biggest advantage of PoolX?

Many wonder why Bitget would introduce such a product similar to Launchpad and Launchpool, and our answer is users’ demand. Bitget Launchpool has continuously offered users decent rewards from either project tokens themselves, which include the tokens earned through staking and the potential profits from the tokens' appreciation or from the earnings of the staked tokens (mainly BGB, which has broke its own ATH 6 times in 2024 alone).

If we take recent Bitget Launchpools as examples, more than half of the projects reached triple-digit APYs, with an average annual yield of 146%. Due to the large number of participants, the price of BGB also rose, reaching new highs seven times last year. On January 1, 2023, the price of BGB was only $0.18, and in less than a year, it had increased by 282.8%. This year, the price of BGB has repeatedly set new all-time highs, reaching $1.38.

Bitget PoolX: An All-Year-Round Version Of Bitget Launchpool image 1

With high token earnings and the continuous rise in the price of BGB, the demand for new Bitget Launchpools has grown stronger. Therefore, the launch of Bitget PoolX is just in time to meet our users' demand for staking financial products. Bitget PoolX's launch frequency far exceeds that of Bitget Launchpad and Bitget Launchpool, allowing users to make the most of their capital every day.

This is indeed the greatest advantage of PoolX. While any new Bitget Launchpool is designed to take place bi-weekly and Launchpad bi-monthly, we can have new pools on Bitget PoolX EVERY DAY! Based on the average APY of projects on PoolX, if a user stakes 10,000 BGB for each project, they can earn about $60-$70 per project - every day. Pay attention to the keyword here: if you can make $60-$70 daily, and there are 30 days every month, then how much would you make on your current holdings after just one month? $1800-$2100 is pretty nice, isn’t it?

How to master these staking financial products?

For users, most of these staking financial products are classified as risk-free arbitrage investments. Therefore, users can prioritize their options as follows: they should participate in Launchpad and Launchpool first, as these offer higher returns, and the tokens obtained can be sold or used in other financial products, then, after Launchpad and Launchpool end, they join as many events on Bitget PoolX as preferred. Although PoolX's returns are lower than the former two, the numerous projects add up to a considerable choice.

Additionally, if you do not wish to sell the tokens you've earned by staking, it's possible to profit from our savings selection with up to 200 types of cryptocurrencies (USDT included) with fixed or variable interest rates, at APR far higher than other exchanges.

Assume we begin with a principal of $100,000, we can preliminarily calculate the approximate earnings after participating in all three of Bitget Launchpool, Bitget PoolX, and Bitget Savings:

● After 10 days of Bitget Launchpool at a 146% APR, the assets grow to $104,000 USDT;

● Then after 10 days of Bitget PoolX at a 35% APY, the assets grow to $104,997 USDT;

● Then we deposit both the principal and rewards into Bitget Savings for 10 days, which offers an APR of 4%, and the assets grow to $105,112 USDT.

That means after one month only, you can make an extra $5,000 on Bitget from a principal of $100,000. This equals to a return of 5% per month or 60% per year, which is really handsome.

Our final tip

We recommend a well-designed earning strategy to maximise the benefits that come with all Bitget products. While Bitget Launchpad offers the highest earnings per project, Bitget PoolX excels in the number of projects, and Bitget Launchpool is more like a balance between the two, offering a considerable number of projects and appealing yields. For users, it essentially comes down to not only the rate of return but also to the risk-free-ness associated with these choices.