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Bitget in a Nutshell

Bitget in a Nutshell

Founded in 2018, Bitget, the world's leading copy trading and crypto derivatives trading platform, provides services to more than 8 million users worldwide. The average daily trading volume of Bitget has reached $10 billion, consequently ranking the platform fifth globally. That’s a wrap of our exciting journey so far. In this article, we will guide you through Bitget’s ecosystem and how we continuously bring to our users the fun and transformative trading experience on Bitget.

Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade - Transforming the Way People Connect and Trade

Product innovation is a guiding principle at Bitget, proven most meaningfully through our flagship product, One-Click Copy Trade. Since its launch in May 2020, One-Click Copy Trade has broken the mold of trading patterns in the crypto market, bridging the gap between traders from all corners of the world, in addition to elite traders and their fans. Thus, a social trading pattern has been forged into Bitget’s core, where followers and traders can interact without boundaries and carve their own interconnected path to financial freedom. Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade is nothing short of a pioneer in social trading.

one click trading

Bitget users are provided with margin trading, the opportunity to borrow equity, and significantly increase their buying power. There are more than 100 margin trading pairs available, with a maximum leverage of 125X for you to enjoy on Bitget.

Moreover, our design philosophy motivates the entire network to look out for each other in terms of profit maximization. When joining us as the Star Traders, you can share your unique trading strategies with our 8,000,000 users and enjoy up to 10% of the profits made by your copiers, as well as other exclusive privileges (including airdrops, trial fund, exclusive customer service and more).

When joining us as Followers, you can access more than 100,000 expert traders, copy their trading movements and generate a passive income stream with minimum risk. Start your Copy Trading journey now!

Also, make sure you check out our detailed guides: The Ultimate Guide to Bitget's One-Click Copy Trade

Bitget’s Futures Trading - The pioneer of crypto derivatives trading

The futures market is multifaceted. It provides unlimited investment opportunities with an endless variety of options for the underlying or expiration. A futures contract is simply an agreement between two parties to transact a particular asset at a specific future time at a negotiated price. Buyers can either bet on a price increase and open a long position or expect price levels to decline and short the contracts. Indeed, the outstanding positions in futures markets reflect the collective confidence in the underlying industry. Portfolio managers usually turn to futures to effectively and economically reduce their exposure to other assets. At its best, it helps traders improve their capital allocation with the introduction of margin and leverage, hedge portfolio risks, and smooth out turbulence.

At Bitget, the three pillars of our customer orientation are integrity, transparency, and the preservation of a true “win-win” environment for all parties involved. We also strive for an inclusive product design so that every user can find their solution to crypto futures trading on Bitget: Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures and Bitget USDC-Ⓜ Futures for cautious traders, Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures for crypto-geeks.

A responsible leverage

Bitget user can conveniently increase their returns with the use of leverage. More volatile assets will have lower leverage levels to reduce traders’ exposure to extreme price movements. At the same time, we strictly demand that users comply with our margin requirements and introduce risk margins to help users better resist liquidation risks. One more unique feature of Bitget is profits and losses are settled on a real-time basis, representing our guarantee for a sophisticated, accurate data system. Traders will be able to manage their accounts commensurate with the market, thus always in the process of improving their trading knowledge and skills.

Are you intrigued by our crypto futures market?

Start USDT-Ⓜ Futures, Bitget USDC-Ⓜ Futures, and Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures trading on Bitget now, or

Practice first with the Coin-Ⓜ Futures (Demo) and USDT- Futures (Demo) until you’re ready!

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Grid Trading - Light a path to the full potential of social trading

Adhering closely to the concept of social trading, Bitget works towards an open strategy platform from 2022. The first step is to launch grid trading products in May-June. We are proud to be one of the very few crypto trading platforms to provide both Spot Grid Trading and Futures Grid Trading.

Grid trading earns profit from the ups and downs of the market. A user simply sets a price range for the bot, adjusts how many grids they want, and, as long as the price stays within one’s set range and depending on the setup, the bot will sell a portion when the price goes up or buy a portion when it goes incrementally down.


Together, copy trading and grid trading light a path to the full potential of social trading, enabling users, KOLs, and professional traders to exchange information freely, adopt multiple trading patterns and optimize strategies for their own benefit.

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Spot Trading

Spot trading is the act of buying and selling an asset at the current market price for instant delivery, the immediate transfer of asset ownership. In general, traders utilize spot trading to yield profits from daily market movements through a combination of several small transactions.

Crypto spot trading is available on centralized trading platforms (CEXs) like Bitget, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and OTC markets. There are over 300 trading pairs available on Bitget Spot, and we are constantly adding more. Users can take advantage of our Limit Order and Trigger Order to manage their portfolios accordingly.

Bitget Spot Trading offers a high level of liquidity and security. We also provide fiat-crypto trading pairs and act as the guarantee for the completion of transactions. Spot Trading on Bitget is especially beginner-friendly - most individual investors made their first crypto transactions “on-ramp” or, in simpler terms, with their credit cards.

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Bitget’s Ecosystem - the Bridge to the Crypto Revolution

Growing recognition

Bitget’s commitment to providing first-rate services has resulted in our customer base of more than 8 million users from around the world. Earlier this year, Bitget has been growing at an unprecedented pace, representing a 300% growth when compared to the previous year.

Not only that, we have established partnerships with several industry giants, such as Juventus (sport), PGL events (e-sport), IntoTheBlock (crypto market intelligence), CryptoHero (crypto trading bot software), BitKeep (wallet service), and so on.


Reliable crypto trading platform

Bitget is proud to be one of the most trusted crypto exchanges thanks to the focus on security and compliance. Headquartered in Singapore, the key financial center of Asia, Bitget has made every effort to provide top-notch customer protection by getting the operational license from three different authorities - the U.S., Canada, Australia, and at the same time adhering to local regulations to conduct uninterrupted operations across the globe.

Bitget has additionally set the bar very high for security standards. A combination of hot and cold wallets, validated by giants in security tech: Suntwin Technology, Qingsong Cloud Security, HEAP, Armors, is implemented to protect the exchange from potential attacks. Users are always advised to turn on the two-factor authentication (2FA) for their accounts to actively enhance the security settings on Bitget. To no surprise, Bitget receives an A+ ranking for 12 SSL indicators, together with genuine appreciation from the crypto community.

Func-tionalities and tools

One thing that sets centralized exchanges apart from decentralized exchanges is the sophisticated conditional ordering system. You will find Market Order, Limit Order, and Trigger Order on both Bitget Spot and Futures Trading, and refine them with additional orders such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, GTC (Good ’Til Cancelled), IOC (Immediate or Cancelled), Post Only or FOK (Fill or Kill), the integration of crypto bot trading (provided by CryptoHero) and analytics (via IntoTheBlock).

Bitget Token (BGB) - The token that connects your crypto, DeFi, and NFTs never like before.

BGB Token, the platform token of Bitget, is driven by the belief that the crypto ecosystem should be simple, secure, and accessible to everyone around the world. As of 2022, Bitget is among the best-performing platforms, as it has shown price increase movement in the mixed market of 2022. In Q1 2022, the price of BGB has increased by 111%, and even in this May’s turbulence, BGB has outperformed several other major exchange tokens.

To explore more about BGB and the Ecosystem of Bitget, please refer to the following reads: The Mission of Bitget’s Ecosystem.

Bitget Launchpad 2.0

The Bitget Launchpad is where we handpick the brightest projects for you. We have already launched several potential Game-Fi token projects in 2022. It is a unique platform for launching new crypto projects and airdrops. By leveraging the power of Bitget, you may discover more quality projects every month!

A $4163 reward for newcomers

New Bitgetters can navigate to our brand-new Bitget Rewards Center and complete five easy tasks to receive a total of $4,163 in rewards! Juicy, right? But that’s not all. Users can also expect various events on a weekly basis; more than 300 events have been released for all of our communities worldwide, whose aggregated prizes amount to $10M+.

Customer-centric: With 24/7 professional Customer Support and a dedicated Bitget Academy

As the crypto market never sleeps, trading activities can take place at any time during the day. To better assist users, Bitget’s customer service team is online 24/7 to answer any questions.

We have also noticed that it is confusing for many crypto traders to find a reliable educational resource. As a result, Bitget Academy is introduced as your one-stop shop for knowledge, news, and all things crypto. Our articles are written by experts with years in the space and are guaranteed to bring you the most accurate information for your decision-making.