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Bitget As The Best Crypto Exchange: Never Fails To Impress

Bitget As The Best Crypto Exchange: Never Fails To Impress

It took less than four years for Bitget to become the world’s leading crypto exchange since the debut in 2018. Started with crypto spot trading, the team then decided to expand their operations onto crypto derivatives and, most recently, launchpad activities. It would be a mistake to not mention Bitget One-Click Copy Trade - the finesse of all crypto trading platforms.

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We commit to providing first-rate services and are proud to be recognised as one of the best crypto exchanges in the world. Our major advantage lies in the unique blend of security and margining system, which truly allows us to be the rising dragon of all crypto platforms:

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Constant innovation since 2018

Bitget has advanced to the top 30 crypto exchanges globally within one year after launch and maintained a monthly growth rate of 67%. That is the encouraging result of a customer-oriented development strategy combined with high-quality products and services.

Multiple excellent services

No matter who you are - a newbie or a professional with different risk appetite - you can always find a suitable product on Bitget. Spot Trading was introduced right in the beginning and now supports over 200 pairs. Users have several payment options to buy and own their crypto assets, either through our Spot Trading or via Bitget P2P Service and even with fiat.

We then noticed a lack of high-quality crypto derivatives products in the market, which fueled our motivation to make Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures and Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures available for the mass public. The maximum level of leverage stands at 125X, meaning investors can open a position of $125,000 from $1,000 in equity. In addition, traders are exposed to more than 100 trading pairs if they switch to futures/margin trading - that is a very wide range of selection, even for crypto derivatives exchanges.

Bitget One-Click Copy Trade was perfected in 2020, designed to target all types of investors (especially the novice) and has helped generate over $650 million in accumulated income. Our crypto professionals can receive up to 10% of their followers’ profits as rewards for their dedication to quality trading. Followers have access to both futures trading and margin trading, and can deliberately decide if they want to automate copy trades or manually pick the most promising ones. Thanks to transparency and our “win-win” environment, Bitget Copy Trade has become the most established crypto social trading network worldwide.

As the leading Copy Trade platform, we have achieved the following records in just two years:

  • 100K+ expert traders with a total revenue of $300M+

  • 1M+ followers with a total revenue of $350M+

  • Total asset invested in Bitget Copy Trade: $3.38B

  • Total trades completed: 50M+

Users can easily choose from our pool of professional traders to follow based on their portfolios, stats, number of followers, and more.

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Traders’ ranking and data are continuously updated

The most recent release includes Bitget Launchpad, an exclusive portal for secure early-stage investing. To get crowdfunded here, projects must be thoroughly vetted and listed. Investors will feel more secure knowing that the project is backed by big names like Bitget Launchpad. Moreover, we will normally list such tokens on Bitget Spot Trading, thereby creating a reliable market for them. When participating in token sale events on Bitget Launchpad, investors not only have early investment opportunities, but also qualify for rewards and airdrops as a tribute from the project and us.

Bitget offers competitive trading fees that can be combined with other conditions to significantly reduce your trading costs. Spot traders can enjoy a direct 20% discount on fees if paid with BGB, Bitget’s native exchange token.

Demo accounts: Trading without funding

Bitget users, especially those who are new to Bitget and to crypto trading, are recommended to test strategies and explore our services using demo accounts.These accounts do not require real money deposits (of course any profits/losses won’t be deposited/taken from your real account), therefore traders can play around with demo trading until they are confident enough to dive in the lucrative world of real crypto trading.

Func-tionalities and tools

One thing that sets centralised exchanges apart from decentralised exchanges is the sophisticated conditional ordering system. You will find Market Order, Limit Order and Trigger Order on both Bitget Spot and Futures Trading, and refine them with additional orders such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, GTC (Good ’Til Cancelled), IOC (Immediate or Cancelled), Post Only or FOK (Fill or Kill).

This year also marks a new milestone for Bitget with the integration of crypto bot trading (provided by CryptoHero) and analytics (via IntoTheBlock). Our partners are well-established names in their respective fields; Bitget users are more than welcome to make the most out of these meaningful partnerships.

Educational content

Bitget community supporters and customer service representatives, who provide 24/7 support for all our users, have noticed that it is confusing for many crypto traders to find a reliable educational resource. As a result, Bitget Academy is introduced as your one-stop shop for knowledge, news and all things crypto. Our articles are written by experts with years in the space and guaranteed to bring you the most accurate information for your decision making.

World-class security

Bitget has set real high standards, especially in security and compliance aspects. Bitget users, even those residing in the U.S., the U.K. and Japan, have had no trouble using Bitget services since day one.


Bitget headquarters is located in Singapore, the fourth largest financial centre in the world. We have also obtained operating licence in the top regulated jurisdictions - the U.S, Canada and Australia, successfully ensuring a seamless operation since day one. Understanding that compliance is a critical element in the sustainable development of the crypto ecosystem, Bitget compliance team is made up of experienced law practitioners who are intimately familiar with the local regulatory landscape, and maintains regular contact with authorities worldwide for constant compliance updates. Our KYC process is consequently compulsory, but already simplified to improve your registration experience.


Regarding security problems, Bitget implements a holistic risk control process with hot and cold wallet segregation, which is supported by big names in security tech: Suntwin Technology, Qingsong Cloud Security, HEAP, Armors, just to name a few. Our focus on the security aspect helps us secure our place in the top 10 Exchanges by Cybersecurity Rating from Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER), and receive 12 A+ Ratings from SSL Labs.

That extra bit of fun

Let’s talk about perks! Many of our users admitted that this appealing aspect is one decisive factor in their decision to join Bitget.

Collecting rewards

We have recently updated our Rewards Center to prepare for upcoming events. New Bitget users can navigate to our brand-new Bitget Rewards Center and complete five easy tasks to receive a total of $4,163 in rewards! Juicy, right? But that’s not all. The new Bitget Referral Event’s reward pool has a value of $50,000, with both existing and prospective Bitget users able to qualify for a share. Users can also expect various events on a weekly basis; more than 300 events have been released for all of our communities worldwide, whose aggregated prizes amount to $10M+.

Our advice: Become a Bitgetter and keep yourself updated: new and exciting prizes are to be accumulated!

Connecting with crypto lovers around the globe

You can put your trading skills to good use by joining our Bitget Copy Trade expert team and also have fun testing your strategies against other crypto diehards from different countries. The King’s Cup Global Invitational ( KCGI) is a biannual event with Individual and Team Modes to help traders find Bitgetters nearby or simply get to know other successful crypto advocates! Additional perks are also there for you to discover - we love to include small treats along the way.

Final Recap

Bitget is not your average crypto trading platform. We are trusted by more than 8 million crypto traders across 48 countries and have made our way to the top lists in less than four years. Our promise is to deliver the best only; and you should remember that your opinion always matters to us.