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Wombat (WOMBAT) Introduction

Wombat (WOMBAT) Introduction

What is Wombat (WOMBAT)?

We can foresee the open nature of the Web 3 of the future. Have you imagined an inter-game environment between different games will come true? Players from different games can communicate with each other and build up a greater community.

It is impossible in the world of Web 2. But it will happen on Web 3. Launched in 2019 by a team based in Germany, Wombat is a Web 3 Game-Fi platform offering rewards,including both NFT and crypto, to passionate and experienced players.

With the popularity of the concept of “play-to-earn”, the gamers on the current market do not have so many chances to access Web 3 games. It is also an app for gamers to look for and discover potential Games-Fi and access to them on different blockchains. With the help of Wombat, more than millions of gamers have moved from Web 2 to Web 3 games and started earning crypto and NFT on it!

Wombat is a Web 3 game ecosystem with a virtual life economy. For gamers on Wombat, they can monetize their in-game results like playing time or achievements. Furthermore, the NFT rewards raise the interest in the participation of gamers. It’s not only a game platform, but a social gaming environment.

How does Wombat work?

Open-Source Platform

Unlike all Web 2 or some new Web 3 games, the gaming ecosystem is not open. On the other hand, Wombat is already an open gaming platform which allows gamers to access different web 3 games on the platform. The gamers are able to transact their NFT or tokens from different games with other games from different platforms. So that the liquidity provided.

Provide incentives and benefits to web 3 game developers

With the massive gamer base of Wombat, game developers can launch and promote their new games on Wombat, which can be done at a relatively low advertising cost. Through joining the ecosystem of Wombat, game developers can create and exchange different NFT with gamers to enlarge their user’s base.

WOMBAT Token Economy

In order to provide incentives for both gamers and game developers, $WOMBAT token is issued as a multi-chain utility token.

What can WOMBAT tokens do?

WOMBAT is the governance token of Wombat with several usages:

Reward: Wombat as a reward on the playground for both gamers and game developers.

Governance: Participating and voting on the decisions about the future of WOMBAT, like deciding on funding, supporting games and chains, more and more.

Staking: Rewards for providing liquidity.

Token type: ERC20

Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000

Available for Token Sale: 22%

How to buy WOMBAT on Bitget?

If you consider Wombat a potential Blockchain project, you can start to find out more about its native token WOMBAT.

The simplest way to buy WOMBAT is through cryptocurrency exchanges. You can establish an account with an exchange like Bitget, and then fund the account with fiat by credit card, Apple pay and Google pay.

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Disclaimer: All products and projects listed in this article are not endorsements and are provided for informational purposes only.

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