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Using MegaSwap on Bitget App: A Quick Guide

Using MegaSwap on Bitget App: A Quick Guide

Bitget has shaken up the world of digital assets since its inception in 2018, carving out a reputation as the unequaled crypto hub. And now, with the launch of Bitget MegaSwap, it's set to take its dominance to even greater heights. In this article, we will learn how to use MegaSwap on Bitget App with ease.

For web users, refer to How to swap on-chain assets with MegaSwap for the complete tutorial.

What is MegaSwap?

MegaSwap combines the power of CeFi and DeFi with high liquidity, and strong security, offering users unparalleled trading options and an experience that's second to none. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the world of crypto, MegaSwap has everything you need to expand your portfolio and take your investments to new heights. We are excited to inform that users can experience MegaSwap at their fingertips on the Bitget App today!

How to use MegaSwap on Bitget App

Bitget MegaSwap is designed to simplify your trading experience. With just two easy steps, users can effortlessly swap their cryptocurrencies without any hassle.

First, ensure you have downloaded the Bitget App on your Android or iOS device and registered your Bitget account. Then, get ready for the exciting part - completing your swap! With Bitget MegaSwap, you can say goodbye to the frustration of navigating through endless menus and options. Let’s see how!

Step 1: Go to [Spot] on the navigation bar. Click on [MegaSwap] and you’ll be taken to the MegaSwap page as below:

Using MegaSwap on Bitget App: A Quick Guide image 0

You can also go to [Markets] and find [MegaSwap] next to the Spot section. Switch between trending zones to find your preferred trading pair.

Using MegaSwap on Bitget App: A Quick Guide image 1

Step 2: Now choose your trading pair and enter the amount of tokens you want to exchange. The token above is the token you want to sell, and the token below is the one to buy.

The example shows that the user is sel ling USDT to buy AGIX. MegaSwap will automatically show the amount of AGIX you can get. You can enter the amount of AGIX you want to purchase, the system will calculate how much USDT is required and show you the result.

Using MegaSwap on Bitget App: A Quick Guide image 2

Step 3: Check the exchange rate, transaction fee, and slippage. Confirm the transaction. Click on [View Details] if you want to review your transaction again, and wait for the tokens to arrive in your MegaSwap account!

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Simply create your Bitget account, and start exploring MegaSwap today!