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Pump Alert: Generative Art Token BOTTO Generates Over 200% Profit

Pump Alert: Generative Art Token BOTTO Generates Over 200% Profit

NFTs – pixelated ape portraits in particular – and AI – ChatGPT in particular – have been the talk of the town through 2022 and into 2023 and art has welcomed a new but powerful sub-genre – generative art.


Botto (BOTTO) Price Movements

What if a piece of art is not finished by one artist, but rather a community? What if all arts created are also governed by the same community? Botto (BOTTO) brought that dream to the Ethereum blockchain by giving their token holders the power to decide what art should look like. With this state-of-the-art (pun intended) approach to art comes Bitget’s industry-leading ability in introducing the hottest assets to our Innovation Zone. Recently listed hidden gems on Bitget include Future-AI (AI) and Arbinu (ARBINU), registering over 400% and 200% increase over the past few days respectively.


As of now, BOTTO token is trading between US$0.9798 and US$0.1394 for the past few hours, showing a whopping 208% increase and leading our gainers chart by half a solar system. 

Pump Alert: Generative Art Token BOTTO Generates Over 200% Profit image 0


What is Botto (BOTTO)?

Botto is a generative artist governed by the community. Botto creates 350 art pieces a week and presents them to the community. These art pieces are considered a 'round', whereby individual art pieces are denoted as 'fragments'. The community votes on these art fragments. Votes represent individual preferences on what a participant considers to be aesthetically pleasing art. Collectively, votes are used as feedback for Botto's generative algorithm - dictating what direction Botto should take its next round of art pieces.


Tokens Circulation

Total supply of BOTTO: 100,000,000

The circulating supply of BOTTO: 21,051,052


Bitget has always been scouting and listing new, promising projects. Stay tuned to our latest Innovation Zone listings: JONES, BRISE, and MARSDAO coming tomorrow!


How to register and trade BOTTO on Bitget Innovation Zone

Bitget is now the only major CEX with BOTTO listed. We promise to deliver the best crypto experience from A to Z. Here is how you can start trading BOTTO on Bitget, step-by-step:


Step 1: Create a Bitget account with your email address or phone number

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Step 2: Fund your Bitget account

Deposit USDT into your Bitget spot account or purchase some if you have none. You can buy USDT via P2P trading or with fiat on Bitget. (The deposit tutorial can be found here.)


Step 3: Trade on the Bitget spot market

Bitget platform cleverly offers different types of trading products with a simple interface for even newbies to trade at ease. The real-time order book will help you adjust your price dynamically and have the most suitable pricing.


Trade BOTTO now on Bitget Innovation Zone!

Disclaimer: All products and projects listed in this article are not endorsements and are provided for informational purposes only. Qualified professionals should be consulted prior to making financial decisions.