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About credit/debit card channels on Bitget

Bitget's credit/debit card channel is available to users from all over the world, and it offers a fast and reliable payment processing system that is integrated with Visa and Mastercard. With this fiat on-ramp option, users can buy cryptocurrencies instantly with 140+ local currencies, enjoying a seamless entry into the crypto world.
How does it work?
1. Sign up for a Bitget account or log in to your existing account.
2. Navigate to the " Buy crypto" page and select " Credit/Debit card" as your payment method.
3. Complete identity verification and enter your card details.
4. Execute your fiat-to-crypto transactions instantly!
  • Global coverage: Supports up to 140 fiat currencies, including GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD, CAD, JPY, TWD, USD, TRY, VND, THB, PHP, IDR, MYR, and more, for crypto purchases with a Visa or Mastercard.
  • Instant fiat to crypto conversion: Buy cryptocurrencies like BTC, USDT, BGB, ETH, USDC, XRP, and more, with new cryptocurrencies added on a weekly basis.
  • Safe and secure: Your credit/debit card information is stored automatically for future use, streamlining your next purchase.
  • Rewarding transactions: Benefit from regular promotions and exclusive offers for both new and existing users upon meeting specific requirements.
Getting started
We sincerely appreciate your continued support. Contact customer service at [email protected] if you have any questions. Here's to a seamless and secure trading journey with Bitget institutional fiat services!
Thank you for choosing Bitget!