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Caduceus (CMP) Introduction

Caduceus (CMP) Introduction

Caduceus evolves the open source software paradigm by implementing blockchain alongside its rich library of components - this facilitates the building of highly performant Metaverse infrastructure that is trustworthy, efficient, secure, and dependable. Caduceus provides numerous essential infrastructures for the metaverse.

What Is Caduceus (CMP)?

Caduceus provides the metaverse with fund security, NFT asset security, user 5 privacy security, trusted transactions, automatic settlement, token ecological incentives, and DAO user autonomy through a high-speed, scalable blockchain network. Caduceus provides decentralized cloud computing support for the metaverse through a massive distributed IPFS storage/GPU cloud rendering/SWAN custom network. Caduceus provides the metaverse with a blossoming device ecology through the advanced XR Glass open-source hardware solution, lowering the hardware threshold and increasing device penetration. Caduceus connects blockchain seamlessly through SDK, providing interfaces and tools for NFT art creators and application developers of the metaverse. Caduceus enhances user experience and lowers user threshold through a 3D OS UI system, providing a user-friendly interaction portal for the metaverse.

As a new form of metaverse protocol, Caduceus has developed the answer by combining blockchain technology and edge computing. The core advantage is that the distributed characteristics of edge computing, storage, and network are consistent with the decentralized model of the blockchain.

Edge computing facilities can provide computing resources and storage capabilities for a large number of decentralized network services of the blockchain, and simultaneously, solve the problem of high-speed transmission when there are a large number of nodes – thereby meeting the application demands of the blockchain platform.

Blockchain technology provides; a credible and secure environment for edge computing network services proposes a more reasonable privacy guarantee solution and realizes the safe transfer and sharing of data among multiple users. It also reduces costs through reliable, automatic, and efficient execution solutions, and constructs a valuable edge network ecosystem.

All services in Caduceus Metaverse Protocol (CMP) are focused on enterprises and vertical application industries.

Caduceus (CMP) Introduction image 0

Caduceus achievements, Source: Cryptorank

How Does Caduceus (CMP) Work?

During the research of the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol, we found that the organic combination of edge computing and blockchain technology lays a solid foundation for credible and efficient collaboration within multiple industries.

New network functions will not only meet the business needs of users in specific industries but will also introduce blockchain and edge computing technology into different networks, which will help to strengthen interactions between nodes that have already used these new functions.

This cooperation and sharing of production elements will; optimize workability and productivity, promote the coordinated development of multiple industries in society, and effectively fulfill the vision of the communication industry.

In addition, these technologies combined with cloud edge management channels and global intelligent scheduling will provide the main rendering computing power for live video, cloud games, AR/VR, film, and television special effects.

Relying on edge computing power, it can access the nearest cloud game resource pool based on the user’s geographic location and can see millisecond-level interaction of game instructions. In addition, combined with CPU with heterogeneous computing power such as GPU and ARM, cloud games can unlock the limitations of the original mobile terminal on computing and storage capabilities.

With industry structural transformation and digitization, the edge value will enable systems built by blockchains to penetrate into multiple vertical industries and achieve efficient collaboration. In addition, the degree of integration of blockchain with 5G, artificial intelligence, edge computing, edge rendering, and other technologies will gradually deepen, and the value brought by technology integration will gradually increase.

Caduceus (CMP) Introduction image 1

Caduceus Roadmap, source: Cryptorank

How Many Caduceus (CMP) Are There In Circulation?

CMP is the native token in the Caduceus Metaverse protocol, and it is also a vital part of the Caduceus Metaverse ecology. We see CMP as the bridge that connects the real world and the virtual world.

Enterprise users can use CMP to exchange GPU computing power provided by Caduceus global computing nodes, flexibly use massive computing resources, improve computing efficiency, shorten rendering cycles and obtain higher-quality metaverse development scenarios at a much lower cost. Caduceus uses CMP as a reward to create a C2B open system allowing all networked devices to participate in contributing idle GPU computing resources and expand Caduceus global computing nodes to finally achieve supply and demand between enterprises and users with mutual benefits.

Total Raised

$ 4,054,000

Initial values

Market cap: $ 20,000,000

FDMC: $ 800,000,000

Circulating: CMP 25,000,000

Token allocation

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Public sale: 67,500 (0.01%)

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