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Bitget Strategy Copy Trading Glossary

Bitget Strategy Copy Trading Glossary

In this article, we will take you through every term you need to know about Bitget Strategy Copy Trading, giving you a headstart in crypto trading at Bitget.

1. Bitget Strategy Copy Trading - A product by Bitget both for newbies and strategy experts (strategists). The former could copy strategies from experts while the latter could sell their strategies to earn more profit.

2. User - A Strategy Copy Trading user can be any Bitget user except strategists and strategy creators.

3. Strategy - Strategy are trading bots created and published by strategists or strategy creators to Bitget Strategy Copy Trading for users to copy.

4. Strategist - Bitget-verified strategy provider. Users could subscribe to strategists to copy all their strategies.

5. Strategy Creator - Users who have published their strategies successfully, could both be strategists or users.

6. Strategy Price - The price users need to pay to copy any strategy. Ranges from 0 to 50 USDT.

7. Subscription Price -The price users need to pay to subscribe to a strategist for a month.

8. Strategy PL - Profit gained or loss suffered from strategy trading.

9. Strategy ROI - Return on investment. Equals to your profit or loss divided by your cost of investment.

10. Subscription Popularity - The number of users subscribed to a single strategist. Normally, a strategist could be subscribed to by up to 150 users.

11. Total Profit for Subscribers - The total profit a strategist has helped all their subscribers make.

12. Copied Strategies - A list of all strategies a user has purchased. Once a strategy is purchased, it can be copied at any time.

13. My Strategists - A list of all the strategists a user has subscribed to. A user can copy all strategies from all strategists from this list.

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