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The Only Crypto Trading Bot You Need

The Only Crypto Trading Bot You Need
As the world's leading socia l trading platform, Bitget has always been attracting bright minds and setting the stage for them to inspire more and more traders. Now, with our Bot Copy Trading, it has never been easier for newcomers to learn, grow, and build their own strategies that work best for them.

What is Bitget Bot Copy Trading?

Imagine a world where the best strategies from the most profitable traders are all at your fingertips. Introducing Bitget Bot Copy Trading, a hub where elite investors put their strategies up for sale. Novice traders can follow their lead by paying a one-time or recurring fee - sometimes for free - and earn access to their entire armory.

A comprehensive Guide for Bitget users

Starting your Bot Copy Trading journey is as easy as can be:
Login to your Bitget account. Not a Bitget user yet? Register now and enjoy a safe, easy crypto trading experience.
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Head to Bot Copy Trading and browse through our selected list of bots and strategists. You can either purchase one bot or subscribe to a strategist and employ all their bots at will.

Purchasing bots

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To purchase a single bot, click on 'Bots' tab and browse through our plentiful list of spot and futures trading bots. Click on their prices and you'll be greeted by their portfolio and performance history. Take your time to investigate every metric before clicking on the price and making a purchase. Then click on the price again to finalize your purchase.
Note: you'll be taken to your security settings page if you haven't set a funding password.
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Upon successful purchase, you'll be redirected to our TUSDT">bot trading page. All you need to do is fill in the 'Investment amount' ('Required margin' for futures bots) since all other parameters will be automatically filled in. After that, simply click 'Create' and your very first Copy Bot will be officially online. Visit ' My bots' to see all your active bots.
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If you know what you're doing, you can also make your own customizations and tweak them to suit your style and risk appetite. Refer to 'Publishing bots' section for more information on making your own trading bots.

To start following strategists, simply head to Bot Copy Trading and click on 'Creator' tab.

Take your time to comb through their track records before arriving at a decision.
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You can click on their avatars to enter these strategists' profile pages for more detailed information. Apart from their subscription cost and the number of subscribers they have, you'll also find their active bots and performance analytics of up to the past 90 days.
With all these statistics at hand, you can now contemplate which strategist you would like to put your money on and how. You can either purchase one or several bots of your choosing or subscribe to these strategists to have access to all their active bots for 30 days. Some of their bots may not be open to non-subscribers so choose wisely.
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To subscribe to a strategist, click on their price at our Bot Copy Trading page or the 'Subscribe' button on their profile page. You'll be taken to a page where all payment details are displayed on the left, and the types of bots they have, along with all their active trading pairs, both spot and futures, on the right. Turn on 'Auto-renew' if you decide to keep following this strategist. Click 'Pay' and enter your funding password to finish your subscription.
Well done! Their carefully crafted strategies are all yours now. Click 'Use auto copy now' on the prompt to enter the settings page. You can turn on 'Auto Copy', sit back, and relax while these bots generate profit for you.
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If you know what you're doing, you can also turn off 'Auto Copy' and even turn on 'Advanced settings' to set up your own bots coin pair by coin pair.

Publishing bots

Anyone can publish their own bot at Bitget. It's an easy passive income stream and may even be the first step you take toward an established trader!
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Start with creating a bot on our Strategy Bot page. You can publish 5 different types of bots: Futures gird, Spot grid, Futures Martingale, Spot Martingale, and Spot auto-invest. Choose your type and click “Create”. You can refer to these guides for more information about our Grid, Martingale, and Auto-invest bots:
Go to My bots and click “Publish” on the right of any strategy, set a price, and your strategy will be released for everyone to copy. Revenues from other people's purchases will be paid into your spot account the next day.

A comprehensive guide for strategists

Your bots looking good? You can apply for a Strategist if you wish to take one step further toward a renowned investor.
To become a strategist, you should meet at least one of the following requirements:
Your strategies have achieved at least 20% ROI more than three times.
Over 100 users have copied your strategies.
Head to Copy → Bot Copy Trading and click on 'Be an elite trader'.
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Click on 'Apply', fill in your email address and country of residence in the pop-up window, read and agree to our Strategist Agreement, and click on “Confirm” to submit. You'll hear from us about your result very soon.
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When your application is approved, other users can subscribe to you, that is, paying you a monthly fee to copy all your strategies as long as their subscription is active. Invite your friends and fans from social media to Bitget with your referral link, help them start trading, and better enjoy your crypto journey with their support.
To set up your subscriptions, head towards your Strategy Management page, switch to 'Subscription Settings' tab, and edit your subscription cost under 'Price'. You can only change this cost once every 30 days so think twice before you make any changes.
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Don't forget to change your nickname and avatar to stand out from the crowd.

A glossary

User - A Bot Copy Trading User can be any Bitget user except strategists and strategy creators.
Bot - A bot is a trading strategy created and published by anyone to Bitget Bot Copy Trading for other users to copy.
Strategist - Bitget-verified bot provider. Users can subscribe to strategists to copy all their bots.
Strategy Price - The price users need to pay to copy any strategy. Ranges from 0 to 50 USDT.
Subscription Price -The price users need to pay to subscribe to a strategist for a month.
Strategy PL - Profit gained or loss suffered from strategy trading.
Strategy ROI - Return on investment. Your profit or loss divided by your cost of investment.
Subscription Popularity - The number of users subscribed to a single strategist. Normally, a strategist could be subscribed to by up to 150 users.
Total Profit for Subscribers - The total profit a strategist has helped all their subscribers generate.
My Strategists - A list of all the strategists a user has subscribed to. A user can copy any bot from any strategist from this list.
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