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Bitget Copy Trade: The Basics

Bitget Copy Trade: The Basics

2022-06-30 | 5m

Copy Trading suits newbie investors and seasoned traders who simply don’t have the time to buy and sell assets actively. This article will walk you through the basics of Bitget Copy Trade.

To read more guidelines for followers, please refer to The Ultimate Guide to Bitget's One-Click Copy Trade.

To read more guidelines for traders, please refer to Things You Need to Know as a Trader

What Is Copy Trading?

Copy trading refers to the trading that investors follow other investors (commonly known as professional traders/ experts) to have the same positions in the futures market as the experts they are copying.

One-Click Copy Trade is Bitget’s flagship product. It is a special trading program that allows anyone new to trading and crypto begins to start trading right away. Users without the experience or time to practice active trading will let the system copy the orders placed by expert traders for them, hence the name Copiers. Also, a verifiable list of orders can very well reveal the professional trading strategy that can be followed and adjusted to an individual's risk appetite; therefore, Copiers are usually called Followers.

Followers are allowed to trade without prior knowledge and expertise and create their strategy by tracking the verified performance record of professional traders while still being able to manage their trades deliberately.

On the other hand, expert traders can generate new streams of passive income, which can be equivalent to as much as 10% of their followers’ revenue, together with exclusive programs and bonuses. Moreover, this is an excellent chance for trading experts to increase their public exposure by becoming an influential voice of the crypto community.

To date, Bitget is the world’s largest crypto copy trading platform, and Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade has amassed 100K+ professional traders, and 410K+ followers who have completed a total of 100M+ trades.

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New to copy trading? Here, we have compiled some handbooks to clear up some beginner’s confusion about the easy-to-jump-on-board Bitget One-Click Copy Trade:

Things You Need to Know as a Trader

Things You Need to Know as a Follower

Copy Trade: Risks and Tips

The Advantages of Traders

As explained above, a Trader is an expert in crypto trading and decides to share his strategy with others in exchange for a reasonable portion of his/her Followers’ revenues.

- The highest profit-sharing rate in the industry: Traders can get a large share of their followers’ profits, which can be equivalent to as much as 10% of their followers’ revenue, together with exclusive programs and bonuses.

- Access to a large user pool: One-Click Copy Trade is available to all Bitget users. Become a trader, and you will gain access to a large user pool of great liquidity.

- Chance to become an influence in the industry: Bitget provides elite traders with the chance to gain global exposure.

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The Advantages of Followers

Secure and Reliable

Bitget was the first exchange to launch One-Click Copy Trade. Since its launch, it has attracted more than 410,000 copy traders from all over the world, with a total of 100 million orders on the platform. Currently, Bitget is the world’s largest crypto copy trading platform. We are also proud to say that we are a trusted leader in terms of asset services, security, and compliance.

Hundreds of elite strategists have all gone through our rigorous review process. You can choose whomever you want and view their trading history to check more data. Followers can copy trade worry-free as all trading data are authentic, real-time, and transparent, and all copy trading records are traceable.

Earn a Profit with Ease

You can follow several expert traders simultaneously to ensure maximum profits and, at the same time, can adjust your strategy at any time.

After following, you can automatically copy the opening and closing operations of the trader without the hassle of monitoring market conditions and price points. All you need to do is follow top industry strategies to enjoy high profits with ease.

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