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Announcement on the Adjustment of Leverage, Parameter Indicators and Trader Limits for One-Click Copy Trade

Dear Global Bitgetters,

In order to to offer a better experience for One-Click Copy Trade, Bitget has adjusted the leverage, parameter indicators and trader limits on December 20, 2021 Singapore time, as detailed below:

I. Adjustment of Trader Limits

  1. Limit traders from using high leverage, the general leverage is 1/2 of the maximum leverage supported by the platform, as shown below.
  2. Limit traders from removing copiers, traders only can remove copiers with assets less than 100U.
  3. Limit the minimum number of single orders placed by traders to prevent invalid orders, the limit number is shown below.

II. Copy Trade Adjustment for Traders and Copiers


III. Adjustment of Leverage Type for One-Click Copy Trade
Under non-advanced settings, the default Leverage Type for copier has been changed from "by position leverage" to "by trader leverage". The settings for orders that have been followed before December 20, 2021, Singapore time will not be affected and will remain "by position leverage"

Thanks for your attention and support!

Bitget Team

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