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Bitget BGB Deduction of Spot Exchange Fees

Dear Global Bitgetters,

The BGB deduction of spot exchange fees function has been launched. As a part of the Bitget Token application scenario, this function will effectively reduce the user's transaction cost. The specific instructions are as follows:


After turning on the BGB deduction function, each of your spot exchange fees will be converted into BGB, and you will enjoy a 20% discount.

How to turn on the function

Web side: Homepage "Assets" → "Exchange Account" → Check Transaction fee will reduce 20% by BGB payment

App side: "Click icon on left upper side" → "Rebate trading fee with BGB"

When the BGB of your account is not enough to pay the transaction fee, the transaction fee will be paid in full according to the original method.

If the "BGB deduction transaction fee" function is turned off, the transaction fee will be charged according to the platform's standard rate and currency.

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