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Bitget Copy Trading: About Diverse Follow

1. What is diverse follow?

Diverse follow is Bitget's classic copy trading mode, which allows investors to copy bots from different elite traders with one investment pool to diversify investment. In this mode, there is no need to prepare a separate investment pool in advance for each elite trader you follow. Instead, you can follow different elite traders with just one fund pool.

Followers can choose either Fixed Amount or Multiplier in diverse follow mode.

Fixed Amount means you will invest a fixed amount to copy trades, no matter the amount used by the elite traders. Multiplier mode means a certain proportion will be between your investment amount and the elite trader's amount.

2. What are the benefits of diverse follow?

a. Diversify investment opportunities and mitigate potential risks by allowing followers to follow multiple elite traders with different trading styles.

b. Capture market opportunities and avoid missing any potential breakthrough trading opportunities.

c. Maximize funds with just one fund pool.

3. How to use diverse follow?

a. Choose an elite trader you want to follow, then use Copy to enter the copy trade page.

b. Select diverse follow.

c. Required: Investment amount (USDT) — Enter an investment amount used for a unified copy trading fund pool. You can transfer from your futures account or make purchases directly. The total investment amount must be at least 50 USDT.

d. Required: Copy mode (fixed amount/multiplier).

i. Fixed amount: Represents the margin cost per copy trade.

ii. Multiplier: Represents a multiplier relationship between each copy trade and the elite trader's trades.

e. Copy trading pair: Add the futures copy trading pairs you want to follow.

f. Risk management: Take-profit ratio, stop-loss ratio, maximum copy (USDT), and slippage.

g. Auto copy: Choose which trading pairs to auto-copy.

h. Use the Next button to proceed.

*Basic/Advanced mode: You will use basic mode by default. Choose advanced mode If you need more detailed settings.

(View Bitget Copy Trading: Guidelines for Futures Copy Trade Followers for details.)

4. Notes

a. Diverse follow will be set as the default setting once selected.

b. For a single elite trader, you can only select one copy mode.

c. You must close all open orders under the elite trader if you want to switch the copy mode.

d. The minimum diverse follow fund pool amount is 50 USDT.

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