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Merchants can add "Welcome messages" and "Trading terms" when post ads

In order to provide users and merchants with a better trading experience, Bitget P2P has now launched a new feature .

1. "Welcome messages" and "Trading terms"

Now, when merchants post ads on the web, they can add "Welcome messages" and "Trading terms" on the ads.
Merchants can add
For example:
Welcome messages - The welcome message will be automatically sent to the user in the P2P chat box once the user places an order. Images are also supported.
Merchants can add
Trading terms - The trading terms will be displayed on the advertisement page. Users can see the terms before they place an order.
Merchants can add

2. Information read function in P2P chat box

When you send a message to the other party in the P2P chat box, you can know whether the other party has read it or not. You can use this new function on the web now.
Merchants can add