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Bitget Copy Trading Updates: Private Mode

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With Private Mode, elite traders can generate links for a designated follower base, and enjoy better follower management, open position protection, and customizable profit sharing. In private mode, not only can elite traders earn a higher profit share and enhance their overall earnings, but followers can also benefit from top-notch support and services provided by Bitget's elite traders, forging a more exclusive, informed copy trading environment.

* Private mode has been launched on the Bitget website. Android and iOS users need to wait for the version update — stay tuned!


Bitget Academy:

Private mode consists of four core features: (1) whitelist, (2) open position protection, (3) profit share ratio configuration, and (4) customized follower management.

1. Whitelist

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  • Elite traders can set up links to invite designated users to follow.
  • Generate invite links only for a selected few.
  • Build a personal brand and convert users into fans by providing value.
  • Build trust and recognition, guaranteeing mutual benefits through personal branding and valuable bots.

2. Open position protection

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  • Elite traders can share open positions exclusively with followers and hide order information from regular users.
  • Bitget provides all-around protection for open position.

3. Profit share ratio setup

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  • No BGB lock-up.
  • Profit share ratio from 0% to 99%.
  • High flexibility in profit distribution.
  • Full control over profit share ratios.

4. Customized follower management

  • Keeps track of followers' trades.
  • Manually adding or removing followers.
  • Visualizing of followers' contributed profit share anytime, anywhere.
  • Ensures effective management.

Toggle on private mode now, take full control of your strategies profit shares, and start a refreshing elite trading journey!

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