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Hiring Bitget Turkey Stewards (Remote Volunteers)!

Hiring Bitget Turkey Stewards (Remote Volunteers)!  image 0

Bitget Turkey is on the lookout for crypto and Web3 enthusiasts to join our team and contribute innovative ideas.

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About Bitget Turkey:

Bitget Turkey is a fiat-to-crypto exchange that specializes in fiat spot trading, catering to all Turkish citizens. We facilitate the seamless deposit and withdrawal of Turkish Lira (TRY) through bank transfer, enabling crypto trading with TRY pairs.

What is a Bitget Turkey Steward?

Bitget Turkey Stewards are passionate volunteers selected from our dynamic community. They are committed to supporting the Bitget Turkey ecosystem and play diverse roles. Serving as the backbone of our community, Stewards come from various backgrounds, contributing unique innovations and expertise. They drive community growth and advocate for our valued Bitget Turkey users.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Location: Remote (Turkey)

  • Ideal Candidate: Crypto enthusiast with a deep understanding of the Turkish Web3/crypto ecosystem.

  • Note: This unpaid volunteer opportunity is open to Turkish citizens or individuals familiar with the Turkish crypto industry.

Steward Responsibilities:

  • Engage actively with the crypto community, offering support to fellow users.

  • Participate in beta testing and provide valuable early feedback.

  • Assist in organizing online and offline events and meet-ups.

  • Foster a safe and enjoyable environment in our online and offline communities.

  • Collaborate with the Bitget Turkey team, sharing valuable market insights and innovative ideas.

  • Create educational and promotional content for the Bitget Turkey ecosystem.

  • Propose suggestions to enhance Bitget Turkey's growth.

Perks of Being a Steward:

  • Exclusive rewards designed solely for our dedicated Stewards.

  • Networking opportunities through events and gatherings with the Bitget Turkey team.

  • Chances to be recruited as an official team member at Bitget Turkey!

  • Continuous learning and growth in the crypto and blockchain space, including valuable training sessions.

Ready to spread your wings and become a part of our community? Join the Bitget Turkey Stewards Program today and be a driving force in the crypto revolution! Don't miss this chance to make a positive impact and elevate your experience in the crypto world.

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