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Spot margin: how to calculate and view your individual borrowing limit

The individual borrowing limit refers to the maximum amount a user can borrow for a spot margin trade. Each user's individual borrowing limit, when there is enough margin, depends on the borrowable amount determined by 1) the multiple supported by the target trading pair or asset, 2) the individual borrowing limit for the asset, or 3) the available amount in the fund pool, whichever is the smallest.

1. The leverage multiple is the first and foremost factor for calculating the borrowable amount. When no other restrictions are applied, the borrowable amount = margin amount × (maximum multiple – 1). Under cross margin mode, all supported assets can be borrowed, and the maximum borrowable amount (in USDT) = margin × 2. Under isolated margin mode, the maximum borrowable amount depends on the leverage supported by each individual trading pair. For example, the BTCUSDT">BTC/USDT trading pair supports up to 10X leverage under isolated margin mode, meaning you can borrow BTC or USDT at 9 times your margin.

2. The individual borrowing limit and the total amount of the fund pool are controlled so that they fluctuate with the market, risk, and other factors but are not affected by user principal and leverage multiples. If the amount of a specific asset available or the amount in the fund pool is less than the maximum amount based on the leverage multiple, the minimum amount limit will apply. Visit this page to check the limit for each asset and trading pair:

If a user holds 10,000 USDT in margin and trades an asset/trading pair with a maximum multiple of 3X, the total amount the user can borrow is 10,000 × (3 – 1) = 20,000 USDT. However, if the limit for that asset/trading pair is 15,000 USDT, then the user can only borrow 15,000 USDT.

If there is only 5000 USDT left in the fund pool, then the user can only borrow 5000 USDT.

3. Where do I check my borrowing limit for a specific trading pair?

(1) Enable auto-borrow or auto-repay (recommended). The amount marked as "available" on the margin trading page is the total available amount (including the principal and the maximum borrowable amount).

Enable auto-borrow or auto-repay (recommended). The amount marked as

2) If you wish to borrow manually, you will see your borrowing limit on the Borrow page.

2) If you wish to borrow manually, you will see your borrowing limit on the Borrow page.

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Note: Margin trading provides more capital for spot trading, but also increases trading risks. A risk ratio greater than or equal to 100% will trigger partial or full liquidation in all Bitget spot margin trading products. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you closely monitor the risk ratio of your positions and replenish your principal or set stop-loss orders.

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