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P2P account upgrades to Funding account

In order to give better trading experience, we will upgrade "P2P account" to "Funding account". Your funds will not be affected in any way.
After that, you need to transfer the assets from other accounts to "Funding account" manually, if you want to trade on Bitget P2P.
For example, let's learn how to transfer assets from Spot account to "Funding account" to trade on Bitget P2P.
  1. Log in your Bitget account and tap [ Accounts] - [ Spot account] on the up-right corner, then tap [ Transfer].
Spot account
  1. Choose [ Funding account] as the destination wallet. Select the coin you want to transfer and enter the amount. Then, tap [ Confirm].

Funding account

  1. Go to Funding account and check your assets. Start buying and selling crypto with zero fees on Bitget P2P!

Check your assets

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