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Huge improvement in Shark Fin subscription quota!

Huge improvement in Shark Fin subscription quota!  image 0

Bitget Earn has significantly increased the subscription quota for Shark Fin, aiming to provide more users with the opportunity to enjoy these principal-protected structured products, offering a guaranteed APR of 7%.

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Both users' personal quota and the total subscription quota have been largely increased. Kindly check the details on the corresponding product subscription page.

In addition, don't miss out on participating in this promotion: Everyone counts! Subscribe to structured finance products to grab a share of BGB rewards & 10% APR coupon!

Promotion period: August 17, 2:00 PM August 25, 4:00 PM (UTC+8)

Subscription rewards:

1. Everyone counts! New users can grab a share of 20,000 BGB

Every new user who subscribes to any Shark Fin, Dual Investment, Smart Trend, and Range Sniper products for the first time, regardless of the investment amount, will be eligible to grab a share of 20,000 BGB as a reward, after the promotion ends.

2. Grab 10% APR coupon reward

During this promotion, the top 30 users (including both new and existing users) with the highest subscription amounts in any of Shark Fin, Dual Investment, Smart Trend, or Range Sniper can each receive a 10% APR coupon reward.

3. Lucky Draw

Bitget will randomly select 20 users with subscription amounts exceeding US$1000 (equivalent value in BTC/ETH/USDT) from these four structured finance products. Each one of them will then have the chance to receive 100 USDT in trading bonuses as Lucky Draw rewards.

*Each user can only obtain 1 subscription reward.

Advantages of Bitget Shark Fin products:

  1. Guaranteed principal.

  1. Guaranteed APR and the potential for higher yields.

  1. The best variable APR in the industry.

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Thank you for your interest in Bitget products!

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