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How to become a P2P merchant on Bitget Site?

Welcome to become a Bitget merchant and post ads for zero fee.
You can submit your application to be a merchant with the link below directly.

Merchant application

You can also click the button of Apply to be a merchant on the P2P page to submit your application.
Apply to be a merchant
All users need to meet the following requirements, before they submit merchant applications on the web.
1) Users need to upload a photo of their ID card in hand. PDF files are also supported.
Application requirements
2) Complete KYC. Bind email and phone number.
Complete KYC
3) Select fiat currency.
The system will display the corresponding fiat currency area by default according to the user's KYC nationality. The user can choose up to three fiat currencies in total.
The system will automatically display the safety deposit amount required for the fiat currency selected by the user, and the user also needs to upload a screenshot of the bank statement of the fiat currency.
Select fiat currency
4) Safety deposit
The system will calculate the total safety deposit amount based on all the fiat currencies selected by the user. Users need to ensure that they have enough USDT in the spot account before they can submit a merchant application. Once the application is submitted, the safety deposit will be automatically frozen.
Safety deposit
5) Social media account
Finally, users need to fill in their social account info and click submit application.
Social media account
You can also reach out to us for any queries regarding merchant application by sending email to