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Bitget Completes Proof of Reserves (PoR) Update for August 2023

Bitget has successfully finalized its Proof of Reserves (PoR) update for August 2023. As of August 7, 2023, Bitget's total reserve ratio stands at 201%. The latest reserve ratio is as follows:

Coin name

Platform's assets

Users' assets

Reserve ratio


10650.04 BTC

2499.80 BTC

426% Reserves are sufficient


483710438.52 USDT

388881644.39 USDT

124% Reserves are sufficient


19054.26 ETH

12037.32 ETH

158% Reserves are sufficient


160704550.03 USDC

8082542.94 USDC

1988% Reserves are sufficient

In our effort to enhance platform transparency, Bitget launched its Proof of Reserves page in December 2022, updating the data monthly to ensure that our clients' funds are backed by a minimum 1:1 reserve ratio. Additionally, using the open-source tool 'Merklevalidator', users can also verify the assets on the platform via GitHub. Beyond the PoR, Bitget has set up a $300 Million User Protection Fund to provide an additional layer of safeguard for user assets.

For more details regarding the Proof of Reserves, please visit:
Bitget Proof of Reserves

We deeply appreciate your continued support and trust!

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