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Small-value passwordless withdrawals and EVM addresses now launched!

Small-value passwordless withdrawals and EVM addresses now launched! image 0
Bitget has officially launched small-value passwordless withdrawals and EVM addresses to provide users with a better trading experience.
Embrace convenience with small-value passwordless withdrawals
Users can set an address as their passwordless withdrawal address for small values. When you set a passwordless withdrawal address, you can withdraw to this address without the hassle of entering a password. This makes withdrawals quicker, for both on-chain withdrawals and internal transfers.
Users can go to Security Settings to enable small-value passwordless withdrawals and set the limit for single withdrawals. Currently, small-value passwordless withdrawals can be set to allow four withdrawal amount limits, which are: 500 USDT, 1000 USDT, 1500 USDT, and 2000 USDT. The normal withdrawal process will be used if the amount exceeds 2000 USDT. After setting the limit, users also need to go to Manage My Addresses to add an address, and set it as the small-value passwordless withdrawal address.
Enjoy trading with EVM addresses
The EVM address pioneered by Bitget is a collective network of blockchains such as ETH, BSC, MATIC, Arbitrum One, and Optimism. If a user adds an EVM address and the withdrawal network is included in the EVM addresses, the user will be able to withdraw directly to the EVM address. Users can go to the withdrawal address management page, select an EVM address, and enter an address that meets the requirements of EVM to successfully add an EVM address.
As major public chains and wallets continue to evolve, the demand for addresses that correspond to multiple blockchain networks is increasing. EVM addresses looks set to become a major mover in the future. For users with dozens, or hundreds of addresses, this feature not only enhances the convenience of withdrawals, but also greatly increases their chances to win more rewards.
As the first exchange platform to support EVM addresses, Bitget will continue to improve its product features and will add the zkSync Era, StartNet, Scroll, and Base chains to its EVM addresses in the future. What's more, Bitget will minimize the withdrawal transaction fee, further enhancing the user experience and effectively assist users in seizing opportunities to make great profits.