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Always Buy Low & Sell High with Dual Investment! Enjoy up to 65% APR or more!

Always Buy Low & Sell High with Dual Investment! Enjoy up to 65% APR or more! image 0

Duel Investment products have been well received since their launch with a majority of our users subscribing to it. Still not subscribed yet? Not sure how much profit this product can bring you?

Learn about Dual Investment and experience this structured financial product that lets you buy low and sell high! Start gaining huge profits today!

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What is Bitget’s Dual Investment?

Bitget’s Dual Investment is a non-principal-guaranteed product with considerable earnings involving two kinds of cryptocurrencies. It allows you to buy low and/or sell high at a future settlement price and date once the market price reaches and/or passes your target price.

You can subscribe to our ‘Buy Low’ product to buy in when the asset price drops, or opt for our ‘Sell High’ product to sell when the asset price rises. Whichever product you subscribe to, you will always earn interest as long as your order is open. You can even subscribe to both ‘Buy Low’ and ‘Sell High’ products for risk hedging purposes. You can rest easy knowing your financial interests are optimally protected.

What makes Bitget’s Dual Investment products so attractive?

1. Always the right timing: Say goodbye to staring all day at crypto prices, or tossing and turning thinking about the right time to trade. Just because crypto never sleeps doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. Subscribe to our product, pick a price, and we’ll time it for you!

2. Always earn interest: Everyone wants to sell high, but high prices aren’t achieved every day. Until that day comes, your asset will always be locked and you earn 0 profit off of it. Our Dual Investment product gives you interest no matter what. Come settlement day, you will always receive your asset or liquidity plus interest upon settlement.

3. Always have flexibility: You can subscribe to multiple Dual Investment products at the same time to carry out any strategy you have in mind. For instance, you can subscribe to both Buy Low and Sell High products to hedge your risk. You can even simulate our DCA Strategy by subscribing to several Buy Low products and one Sell High product.

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Cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to conduct their own research and invest at their own risk.

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