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Bitegt P2P Statement on Anti-Money Laundering and Illegal Foreign Exchange Transactions

Bitegt P2P is committed to creating a compliant, safe and reliable digital asset trading environment for users, providing professional and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services to users around the world. The special statement is as follows:
Article 1
Users should follow the laws and regulations on anti-money laundering, foreign exchange, and counter-terrorism financing in the country or region where they are located, and implement the provisions of these guidelines within the scope of laws in the region where the user is located. If the country or region where the user is located has stricter requirements, users are required to abide by its regulations. If your country or region belongs to a jurisdiction that specifically prohibits digital asset transactions or is included in the list of relevant sanctioned countries, you should stop the use of services on the P2P platform.
Article 2
Bitegt P2P strictly prohibits users from using the platform to engage in all illegal activities such as money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, and illegal exchange of currencies. The platform, on a best effort basis, implements effective security risk control measures to maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of users; if any suspected illegal transactions or illegal acts are found, the platform will take actions against the user, including but not limited to freezing accounts, notifying relevant authorities, etc., we do not assume any liability arising from reinforcing the rules and reserve the right to hold the user legally responsible for the illegal actions.
Note: In order to prevent involvement in illega l trading activities or illegal acts, users should pay attention to the following:
  • It is forbidden to lend the user's own account to others for use;
  • It is forbidden to rent or lend the user's personal ID;
  • It is forbidden to rent, lend, or share important personal property information such as the user's account, bank card, passbook, password, etc.;
  • Users should actively cooperate with the platform to verify users identity;
  • Select and use safe and reliable third-party financial institutions for payment.
Article 3
When official regulators and law enforcements present valid investigation request documents and request the platform to cooperate with the investigation or restrict the fund of a designated user, the platform will check the validity and authenticity of the judicial documents and comply given that the request is legitimate. The platform does not assume any responsibility for user privacy leakage, account inoperability, and other losses caused.
Note: According to relevant laws and regulations and relevant regional and national standards, in the following situations, we may collect and use your personal information in accordance with the law without your consent:
  1. Directly related to national security and national defense security;
  2. Directly related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;
  3. Directly related to a criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgments;
  4. Out of the protection of your life or property and other important legal rights and interests, but it is difficult to obtain your own consent;
  5. The collected personal information is disclosed to the public by yourself;
  6. Collect personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as: legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels;
  7. Necessary to sign and perform the contract according to your requirements;
  8. Necessary for maintaining the safe and stable operation of the provided services, for example: finding and handling service failures;
  9. Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.
Article 4
All users who use the services of this platform should know before the transaction: digital assets are not backed by any government or central bank, and the price of digital assets fluctuates greatly. Holding or using digital assets has a high risk. Before making trading decisions, you should review your financial situation diligently to determine whether it is suitable for you.
Article 5
Anyone who logs into the platform in any way or directly or indirectly uses the services of this website is deemed to voluntarily accept the constraints stated on this platform.