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Stake BGB and withdraw your assets with zero fees!

Stake BGB and withdraw your assets with zero fees! image 0
Global Bitgetters,
Bitget has officially launched a BGB staking service that offers users a better experience. Available to all users, even without KYC verification, stake BGB to withdraw your assets with no withdrawal fees.
Terms and conditions:
  1. Zero withdrawal fees: the daily number of zero fee withdrawals depends on your staking amount. See below for details.
Level Zero fee withdrawals Staked BGB
1 1 2,500
2 3 12,500
3 10 60,000
4 30 240,000
5 100 1,000,000

  1. Supported coins: All except for burn coins (burn coins: GM (ERC20), PIT (BEP20), BABYDOGE (BEP20), BOT (BEP20), CULT (ERC20), PAXG (ERC20), VOLT (BEP20), VOLT (ERC20), LUFFY (ERC20), TUP (ERC20), TUP (BEP20), GVR (BEP20), CATE (BEP20), BRISE (BEP20), SAITAMA (ERC20), GRV (BEP20), ARBINU (Arbitrum One), HAMI (Arbitrum One), BOO (Arbitrum One), MUTE (ERC20), FAST (BEP20), LUNC (Terra), USTC (378), JNS (C-Chain)) and BTC on the BTC network. You can enjoy free withdrawals on all other coins.
  2. Redemption: redeem your tokens in BGB staking every seven days, after when you'll get your staked BGB back. You can also pay a 2% fee to redeem it immediately and get your BGB tokens in ten minutes. All redemptions can be partial or in full. During the redemption period, the status will be shown as redeeming.
  3. Staking profit: stake BGB to get a 2% APY. If you stake on day D, interest will be from day D+1 and distributed from day D+2. Afterwards, interest will be calculated and distributed to your spot account daily. During the redeeming period, no additional interest will be distributed.
By agreeing to use Bitget BGB staking, you must unconditionally accept all the terms and Q&A of and authorize to distribute interest according to platform rules. You should be fully aware of the risks of cryptocurrency investment and operate with caution. You agree that all investment operations on represent your true investment intentions, and you unconditionally accept the potential risks and returns of your investment decisions.
Bitget reserves the right to suspend or terminate Bitget staking services at any time it deems necessary.
Delay, suspension or termination of Bitget BGB staking may occur due to network delays, system failures or other reasons. Bitget will try its best but can't guarantee system stability at all times for BGB staking. Bitget is not responsible for any unexpected service interruption caused by the above reasons.