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Shark Fin 2022_1228 has officially launched!

Shark Fin 2022_1228 has officially launched!  image 0
Dear Global Bitgetters:
Bitget has officially launched the new phase of Shark Fin 2022_1228!
Bitget Shark Fin is a 100% principal-guaranteed and low-risk financial product. It has a guaranteed APR and possibly returns higher yields if the price stays within a pre-determined price range, regardless of the market fluctuation.
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Advantages of Bitget Shark Fin products:
  1. Principal Guaranteed.
  2. Guaranteed basic APR and potential for higher yields.
  3. The floating APR is higher than our competitors.
Shark Fin Subscription Process
Shark Fin 2022_1228 has officially launched!  image 1
  1. Subscription period: Dec 28, 6 AM -- Dec 30, 6 AM (UTC)
  2. Lock-up Accumulate Yields: Dec 30, 8 AM -- Jan 6, 8 AM (UTC)
  3. Settlement Time: Jan 6, 2023, 8 AM (UTC)
  4. Redemption: on Jan 7
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Cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their own research and invest at their own risk.
Thank you for your attention and support!
Bitget Team
December 28, 2022