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Important update: Merkle tree proof of reserves

Important update: Merkle tree proof of reserves image 0

Dear Global Bitgetters,

It's been a difficult month for our industry and all those affected by recent events surrounding FTX.

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, Bitget promises to be transparent about how we hold your assets.

So, let’s be clear:

Bitget is a full-reserve exchange and custodian

This means that all our customers' funds are held 1:1. We have funds to cover all of our customers’ assets as well as maintain additional reserves.

Proof of reserves

As of today, our Merkle tree proof of reserves has been officially published on Our proof of reserves covers user balances across all products, including spot, futures, and Bitget Earn.

We invite you to verify your assets through the Merkle tree.

Verify your assets now

Bitget has never compromised on the safety of your accounts and assets – and we never will. We will regularly update the page to keep our reserves transparent for our customers, and we’ll continue to advocate for the safe adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.

Bitget Team

December 3, 2022