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Bitget's Bot Copy Trading Major Upgrade Makes Trading More Accessible to All

Bitget's Bot Copy Trading Major Upgrade Makes Trading More Accessible to All
In the crypto trading market, regular users often admire the trading skills of expert traders and are attracted to the substantial profits they can generate. However, gaining access to these skills and profits can be challenging. After all, skills and expertise will thrive in practical experience, professionalism, a good trading mindset, and personal traits. Moreover, professional traders have usually established their own robust trading strategies. Success achieved through these factors often puts ordinary users in a position that's beyond their reach.
In consideration of this, Bitget has launched bot copy trading to address this pain point, helping ordinary users to trade like pros. Recently, Bitget has upgraded its bot copy trading to make it more accessible and efficient for users.

What is Bitget Bot Copy Trading?

In Bitget bot copy trading, you can either purchase a single bot, or subscribe to strategists. Purchasing bots means that an ordinary user can buy a bot published by strategists or other users in the Bitget bot copy trading section, and then apply that bot directly to their own trades. This means that ordinary users can also develop top-notch trading strategies.
Subscribing to strategists is a no-brainer for regular users looking to achieve steady profits. During the 30-day subscription period, you can freely copy all of the strategist's bots. Bitget's bot copy trading helps ordinary users evolve into advanced strategists and profit like a pro.
Of course, highly-skilled traders can apply to become strategists, benefiting more users while also earning additional income from bot sales and subscriptions.

Bitget bot copy trading highlights

This major upgrade focuses on features like Recommended, Bots, and Creator.
After you head to Recommended, you can find Weekly top bots (7-day best-performing bots), Daily top buys (daily best-selling bots), Today's top bots (today's top-performance bots), Trending trading pair bots (explore high-performance bots focusing on popular trading pairs), and Latest bots (the newest and best-performing bots in the market).
These dimensions not only allow the best Bitget bot copy trading bots to stand out, but also allow users to identify the top performing bots on the platform. It effectively reduces the time users spend on decision-making.
Bots and Creator tabs allow users to filter bots and strategists according to their preferences, giving them more control. In the Bots tab, Bitget provides several filter criteria for users to customize their preferences, including time range (7 days/30 days/ 90 days), Elite bot trades, Direction, Runtime, Overall ranking, Bot profit, ROI, Sales, and Price. Users can also filter one single coin or multiple coins. In the Creator tab, users can select the time range and click on the Hide "full" feature to select the most suitable strategists.
If users prefer a quick overview of the feature without delving too deep, they can check out the Free zone to discover free bots and strategists.
Bitget bot copy trading brings together the world's best and carefully reviewed crypto traders, who have proven track records of profitability. As a result, their trading bots represent the highest level of current crypto trading. This major upgrade further filters and categorizes these outstanding bots and strategists, making it easy for regular users to find the ones that best suit their needs.