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Turtsat (TURT): Revolutionizing Ordinals Development Through Community-Driven Funding

Turtsat (TURT): Revolutionizing Ordinals Development Through Community-Driven Funding

2023-12-13 | 5m

What is Turtsat (TURT)?

Turtsat is a community-led open platform designed to facilitate the development and construction of the Ordinals ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from successful models like Gitcoin, Turtsat invites anyone to build, donate, and influence Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 projects. With a vision of positive community-led change, Turtsat aims to partner with influential organizations to shape the future of the Ordinals protocol and the broader Bitcoin ecosystem.

How Turtsat (TURT) Works

At the moment, Turtsat allows projects to apply for funding through their website. After a successful audit, the project can obtain community funding. In the future, Turtsat will offer three more services:

1. Donation Protocol

An important feature in Turtsat's lineup will be the Donation Protocol. This BRC-20 token issuance protocol stands out by prioritizing fairness and significantly reducing users' gas costs through bundle casting. It not only eases information congestion across the network but also allows issuers to utilize saved gas as early revenue for the token, ensuring sustained project development.

The Donation Protocol implementation comprises three main segments: dynamic breakout UTXO, Auto-inscription, and PSBT Exchange. These segments collectively contribute to a seamless and efficient token issuance process, marking a departure from traditional minting.

2. Indexing Service

Turtsat recognizes the importance of indexing services in the Ordinals' ecology. While acknowledging the crucial role played by existing providers like UniSat, Turtsat foresees the need for multiple indexing service providers adhering to uniform rules. This strategy aims to prevent conflicts and ensure the healthy development of BRC-20 projects in the long run.

3. Ordinals Open Source Tool Platform

Understanding the high entry barrier for developers in the Ordinals protocol, Turtsat is committed to lowering these barriers through an open-source tool platform. This platform, to be developed in the future, will provide services and tools that make it easier for developers to enter the Ordinals ecosystem. This strategic move is poised to catalyze more innovative projects within the Turtsat community.

TURT Goes Live on Bitget

Turtsat emerges as a force in the Ordinals ecosystem, offering a unique blend of innovation, community support, and decentralized funding. As it paves the way for a new era of Ordinals, the platform encourages developers and enthusiasts alike to join in shaping the future of the crypto world.

Don't miss the chance to be part of Turtsat, as the TURT token is set to be listed on Bitget on December 13.

How To Trade TURT on Bitget

Step 1: Go to TURTUSDT spot trading page

Step 2: Enter the amount and the type of order, then click Buy/Sell.

For detailed instructions on how to spot trade in Bitget, please read ​​The Uncensored Guide To Bitget Spot Trading.

The future prospects of Turtsat are promising. With an emphasis on reducing barriers for developers, fostering innovation through open-source tools, and leveraging community-driven donations, Turtsat is well-positioned to shape the future of Ordinals development.

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