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SORA AI (SORA): Revolutionising Video Production With The Power Of Blockchain And AI

SORA AI (SORA): Revolutionising Video Production With The Power Of Blockchain And AI

2024-02-28 | 5m


SORA AI utilises a combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to enhance video production. It offers tools that simplify and innovate the process of creating videos, supported by a secure and efficient platform for transactions related to video creation and distribution. The idea is to help everyone from everywhere to unlock their creativity via a set of powerful yet foolproof tools.

How Does SORA AI (SORA) Work?

The SORA token is at the forefront of combining blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to transform video production. It's designed to transform the way people create videos, providing them with advanced AI tools to enjoy the process with. The team offers a transparent and secure platform for SORA transactions, emphasising a 0% tax for both buying and selling. The community around SORA, which finds their home on Telegram, is vibrant, offering a space for all stakeholders - token holders, enthusiasts, and creators to connect and discuss the future of AI-powered video production.

The team also introduces the burned LP mechanism as a trackable preventive measure against rugpull possibilities. SORA is available on both CEXs like Bitget and DEXs, which requires a liquidity pool (LP) to make SORA tradable. SORA is paired with an equal value of a stablecoin, like USDT, in these liquidity pools. Liquidity pool creators receive tokens representing their share of the pool, which could be withdrawn, risking a "rugpull" by removing liquidity. Burning these tokens secures the pool, preventing withdrawal and ensuring its perpetual existence as a decentralised liquidity source.

SORA Goes Live on Bitget

SORA is listed on Bitget in the Innovation Zone and the Meme Zone.

How to Trade SORA on Bitget

Step 1: Go to SORA spot trading page;

Step 2: Enter the amount and the type of order, then click Buy/Sell.

Trade SORA on Bitget now!

How to Join SORA Promotion on Bitget

The SORA promotion event begins on Tuesday, February 27 at 11:00 AM (UTC) and ends on Tuesday, March 05 at 11:00 AM (UTC). 170,000 SORA will be rewarded for users who deposit at least $50 in SORA at a rebate of 10%. Each user can get up to 3,500 SORA - hurry up while supply lasts!

Take part in the SORA promotion today!

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