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Script Network (SCPT): Decentralized Video Streaming and Watch-to-Earn with Blockchain

Script Network (SCPT): Decentralized Video Streaming and Watch-to-Earn with Blockchain

What is Script Network (SCPT)?

Script Network is a decentralized ecosystem that enables the governing of the comprehensive life cycle of content, storage management, and scalable streaming.

Script Network brings forth a host of advantages that make it stand out in the crowded video streaming space. The blockchain's immutability ensures creators can post content without fear of censorship or de-platforming, fostering creative freedom. The platform's ability to provide a more affordable and robust storage system compared to traditional cloud services eliminates server downtime and security risks associated with centralized points of failure.

With concerns about data privacy, safety, and centralization becoming increasingly prominent, Script Network also offers a viable solution. The platform not only aims to transform video streaming for television stations and broadcasts but also provides the necessary infrastructure for Web3, making decentralized hosting of video content and live streams accessible to all.

Moreover, the network wants to solve prevalent issues in the current market, including the misuse of filmmakers' content, lack of insights for intellectual property holders, and the absence of a mechanism for fans to curate their content consumption.

So far, with a pre-launch status, Script Network has already surpassed industry expectations in terms of both watch time and user growth. The platform experiences organic growth, with more than 450 users joining daily, a total of over 170,000 registered users, and a collective of over 800,000 hours of watched content. Not stopping there, Script Network has solidified its presence in the market with 28 brand agreements and partners, such as Samsung TV.

How Script Network (SCPT) Works

Script Network functions on a multi-layered blockchain architecture. The two main layers, Validator and Lightning, work in tandem to facilitate a seamless and efficient video delivery network. Validator Nodes propose and produce new blocks, while Lightning Nodes verify and confirm transactions, enhancing the network's integrity and reducing the risk of false alarms.

Products of Script Network (SCPT)

The platform offers a variety of products within its ecosystem, each serving a unique purpose:

- Script TV, the user-centric product, allows viewers to earn rewards on and off-chain by upgrading ScriptGlasses (NFTs).

- Script Marketplace serves as the hub for buying, selling, and trading ScriptGlasses, which are essential for participation in the Script TV economy.

- For enterprises seeking cost savings, Script Enterprise provides a solution to reduce storage, transfer, and transcoding fees by over 70%.

- Script Blockchain provides both financial and non-financial incentives to content creators and companies so they can create dapps and video-based products on the blockchain.

- Script Ad allows companies to have control over where to play their ads.

Monetization Strategies of Script Network (SCPT)

Script Network employs several monetization strategies, ensuring sustainability and revenue generation.

- The streaming service features non-skippable ads running every 8 minutes, supplemented by plans to sell specific ad slots to long-term clients or special events in 2024.

- The marketplace allows users to trade virtual and physical items, eliminating the need for traditional DVD or Blu-ray purchases.

- Enterprise users can leverage Script to spin up broadcast-grade channels effortlessly.

- Originals focuses on developing and distributing in-house content.

SCPT Goes Live on Bitget

At the heart of Script Network's governance and operations lies the Script Token (SCPT). As SCPT is the governance token of Script Network, users need to stake SCPT to take part in the network. Validator Nodes require a stake of at least 5,000,000 SCPT tokens, while Lightning Nodes require a minimum of 10,000 SCPT tokens, with users earning approximately 5% of the total stake amount as a reward in a year.

Now is your chance to take advantage of the unique opportunities that SCPT presents. Trade SCPT on Bitget as the token is listed on December 20 .

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How to Trade SCPT on Bitget

Step 1: Go to the SCPTUSDT spot trading page

Step 2: Enter the amount and the type of order, then click Buy/Sell.

For detailed instructions on how to spot trade in Bitget, please read The Uncensored Guide To Bitget Spot Trading .

Script Network is more than a decentralized video delivery network; it is a catalyst for change in the way we consume and share digital content. With a robust architecture, a user-centric approach, and a commitment to decentralization, Script Network sets the stage for a future where creative expression, data ownership, and user engagement take center stage in the world of video streaming. As the industry navigates towards a more decentralized future, Script Network emerges as a leader, offering greater trust, reduced costs, enhanced speed, proven dependability, and heightened security.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are for informational purposes only. This article does not constitute an endorsement of any of the products and services discussed or investment, financial, or trading advice. Qualified professionals should be consulted prior to making financial decisions.