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Nervos Network (CKB): The New Layer-1 Blockchain of Decentralization and Flexibility

Nervos Network (CKB): The New Layer-1 Blockchain of Decentralization and Flexibility

2024-04-19 | 5m

What is Nervos Network (CKB)?

Nervos Network, also known as Common Knowledge Base (CKB), is the foundation of the Nervos ecosystem, ensuring trust for all subsequent layers. It aims to store data and assets in a decentralized, flexible, and secure way with a multi-layer architecture. Layer 1 focuses on security and decentralization, while Layer 2 prioritizes scalability, able to power millions of transactions. This layered structure addresses the trade-offs of scalability, security, and decentralization commonly faced in decentralized systems. Therefore, it allows the blockchain to achieve optimal performance without compromising on security.

How Nervos Network (CKB) Works

Consensus Mechanism

Nervos Network builds its own consensus mechanism, which is called NC-MAX, upon the proven Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanism. PoW requires significant computational power and relies on miners competing to solve complex mathematical puzzles to secure the network against malicious actors.

NC-MAX takes this proven approach and enhances it to address the challenges of modern blockchain networks. One key area of improvement is block propagation, the process of distributing newly mined blocks across the network. By optimizing block propagation mechanisms, NC-MAX minimizes delays and ensures that new transactions are quickly validated and added to the blockchain.

Furthermore, NC-MAX improves the network's throughput, enabling it to process a higher volume of transactions per second. This scalability enhancement is crucial for supporting the growing demands of decentralized applications and user transactions without compromising on security or decentralization.

In addition to improving block propagation and throughput, NC-MAX enhances the network's resistance to attacks. By implementing robust security measures and incentivizing honest behavior among network participants, NC-MAX mitigates the risk of malicious actors attempting to disrupt or manipulate the blockchain.

Multi-Layer Architecture

Nervos embraces a multi-layer architecture that prioritizes security and decentralization. Layer 1 focuses on providing trust through its robust consensus mechanism, while Layer 2 enhances scalability by facilitating nearly instantaneous transactions for millions of users.

Cell Model

Nervos introduces a novel approach to data representation through its Cell Model. Each cell serves as a basic unit for storing data on the blockchain, with built-in smart contract capabilities. Cells are immutable and undergo a consumption process for data updates, ensuring transparency and integrity throughout the network.


The economic model of the Nervos Network revolves around the native token, CKB, which serves multiple purposes including transaction fees, data storage, and incentivizing network participants. State Rent ensures continuous payment to miners for data preservation, while Secondary Issuance provides long-term incentives for users and miners alike.


Nervos introduces the CKB-VM, a revolutionary virtual machine powered by the RISC-V instruction set. Offering unparalleled flexibility and security, CKB-VM enables developers to execute smart contracts in a high-performance environment while leveraging existing open-source libraries and programming languages.

CKB Goes Live on Bitget

CKB token plays a vital role in providing trust and security for all participants of the Nervos Network. It serves multiple crucial functions, including transaction fees, data storage costs, and incentivizing network participants. The utilities and robust tokenomics model lay the foundation for the tokne’s demand.

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How to Trade CKB on Bitget

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As we move forward into an era of digital transformation, Nervos provides the foundation for a decentralized future. With its multi-layer architecture, robust consensus mechanism, innovative Cell Model, sustainable economic model, and powerful CKB-VM, Nervos represents the next frontier in decentralized ecosystems.

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