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Holdstation: Holding the Future(s) in Your Hands on zkSync Era

Holdstation: Holding the Future(s) in Your Hands on zkSync Era

On the zkSync Era layer 2, Holdstation, is revolutionizing the world of futures trading with its innovative Web3 Smart Contract Wallet. This unique ecosystem, which has been thriving for over 1.5 years, combines the benefits of decentralization and permissionless protocols, offering a CeFi experience in the DeFi realm.

What is Holdstation (HOLD)?

Holdstation is a decentralized platform centered around a smart-contract wallet that offers futures trading on zkSync Era. The platform allows users to trade a wide range of assets, from cryptocurrencies to forex and commodities, with up to 500x leverage.

Due to its innovative nature, Holdstation has secured grants and investments from many big projects, such as Chainlink BUILD, K300 Ventures, and zkSync themselves.

How Holdstation (HOLD) Works

Holdstation is designed to be a comprehensive and robust DeFi platform on zkSync Era with the following products:

Holdstation Wallet

At the heart of the Holdstation ecosystem lies the Holdstation Wallet, a Web3 Account Abstraction Wallet that seamlessly blends future trading, self-custodianship, and user privacy. This self-custodial wallet operates without the need for Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, epitomizing the ethos of decentralization.

With a sleek and user-friendly interface powered by the latest AA technology, Holdstation Wallet distinguishes itself with 0% fees on Layer 2 transactions and minimal 0.2% fees on EVM chain transactions. This fee structure positions Holdstation as a cost-effective alternative compared to industry counterparts.

The platform also sponsors gas fees for high-volume traders, and offers users the option to pay gas fees in stablecoins like USDC or USDT for better flexibility and convenience. Security is paramount, with a seedless option eliminating the need to remember complex seed phrases or private keys. The Wallet was audited by Verichain.

Holdstation DeFutures

Holdstation DeFutures, another cornerstone of the ecosystem, introduces a cutting-edge platform offering traders the opportunity to engage in futures trading with leverage up to an impressive 500x. The platform's user-friendly interface and advanced trading tools empower traders to capitalize on market opportunities across various assets.

Traders on Holdstation DeFutures have diverse roles, from becoming ambassadors earning commissions on friends' trades to sharing successful strategies for others to copy. Additionally, users can participate as yield farmers, earning rewards from trading fees. Holdstation DeFutures aims to be inclusive, catering to both experienced traders and newbies.

As DeFutures is a sophisticated and comprehensive DeFi platform, the Holdstation team ensures its security by making their product go through a thorough audit by Verichain.

Holdstation Launchpad

Holdstation Launchpad serves as a crucial element in the zkSync ecosystem, providing vital support for promising projects' token sales. Ensuring a fair launch model, Holdstation Launchpad prioritizes equality, with a soft-cap and hard-cap mechanism to guarantee user refunds and proper token allocations.

Distinguished features of the Launchpad include non-custodial operations, a user-friendly interface, smart contract automation, decentralization, and a meticulous anti-scam process. Holdstation Launchpad's commitment to security is underscored by its thorough audit by Verichain.

Holdstation Foundation

Holdstation Foundation operates as a DAO, giving token holders the power to propose and vote on platform changes. The DAO focuses on long-term sustainability, with 15% of the HOLD token’s total supply allocated for community development and ecosystem growth.

Holdstation Research

Holdstation Research serves as a blockchain research center, providing users with up-to-date information, knowledge, and insights for informed crypto investment decisions.

Holdstation Club

Soon to be revealed, the Holdstation Club introduces an exclusive collection of 8888 NFTs, representing the Holdstation Social Club. Club members gain access to unique NFTs, exclusive events, and opportunities for special rewards, solidifying their position in an elite community passionate about trading and blockchain.

HOLD Goes Live on Bitget

Holdstation has great future prospects with a meticulously planned roadmap that includes multi-layer-2 integration, enhanced UI/UX, smart contract wallet improvements, and advanced privacy and security features. The project's commitment to decentralization, security, and community empowerment positions it as a pivotal player in shaping the future of crypto trading.

As the native governance token of Holdstation, HOLD represents more than just a digital asset. It's your ticket to a revolutionary ecosystem that blends future trading, self-custodianship, and user privacy. Trading HOLD on Bitget allows you to tap into the potential of a token designed for the future.

HOLD will be listed on Bitget on November 27.

How To Trade HOLD on Bitget

Step 1: Go to the HOLDUSDT spot trading page

Step 2: Enter the amount and the type of order, then click Buy/Sell.

For detailed instructions on how to spot trade in Bitget, please read ​​The Uncensored Guide To Bitget Spot Trading.

Holdstation's unique combination of user-friendly interfaces, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to decentralization and security makes it a standout project in the crypto market. As it continues to evolve, Holdstation has the potential to be a transformative force not just in the EVM and layer-2 worlds alone. The platform is set to create an efficient and secure DeFi futures trading experience for users worldwide.

Trade HOLD now on Bitget!

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