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What Is A Crypto Faucet?

What Is A Crypto Faucet?

Hello everyone and welcome to a new Bitget Academy article. Today we will see what a crypto faucet is.

Crypto Faucet Definition

A faucet is simply a website on which you will be able to receive some cryptocurrencies by completing different tasks.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple, either you will have to watch some advertisements or you will have to play a game and in exchange, you will receive some cryptocurrencies.

However, we would like to warn you that, some faucets offer ads that redirect to dangerous or uncontrolled links, so always be wary when clicking on these ads and in general, when browsing a site that is a faucet. We advise you to check the links to avoid ending up on sites that are copies or dubious faucets.

How is it possible to earn cryptocurrency for free?

This is possible because advertisers are willing to pay faucets to post their ads or games. The owner of the faucet site will keep a part of this money and the rest of the money, he will redistribute to you, visitors, and it is this money (cryptos) that you will receive.

To avoid fraud in general there is security via a captcha system where visitors have to click on images to prevent robots from collecting cryptos. Once you have validated this captcha or performed the security-related steps, then you will receive your cryptos.

There are two main types of opportunities:

- either the crypto-currencies you are going to receive are stored on the faucet and usually, you will notice a bar that tells you the amount of crypto harvested

- or the faucet is connected to a micro-wallet.

The second option is more secure than the first one because what can happen with the first option, that is to say, your money stored on the site directly is that the site gets hacked and therefore you run the risk of being robbed. Generally, there is a minimum amount you can withdraw on the faucets and you will have to wait to get a certain amount before you can withdraw it. That said, getting that amount is usually quick. Our advice is to always withdraw your cryptos to your wallet as soon as possible.

Bitget products to earn free cryptos

At Bitget, we offer our users flexible ways to earn some free cryptos, these suggestions are all low threshold, high yield, and extremely secure. We refer to BGB Earn, which is a savings service that guarantees you a return on your cryptos. There is also Bitget Launchpool, which allows you to flexibly stage and earn rewards for doing so. Last but not least, Bitget Savings, which as its name indicates is designed to make your savings grow.


That's it for the basis of the crypto faucet concept. Always do your own research before using a faucet. We recommend that you use recognized and secure sites. Thank you for reading and see you soon for another one!

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