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Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) Introduction

Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) Introduction

Created by top-notch experts in the fields of DeFi, Fintech, and investment, Origin Protocol shakes the blockchain world to the core with their massive fundraisings and record-breaking successes. This summer, they are to release OGV (Origin Dollar Governance) token on major exchanges and this event, like many events of Origin, attracts a lot of attention from crypto investors. Let's take a look at OGV and what it does.

Origin Protocol Overview

Origin Protocol is a powerhouse in the blockchain industry. Established in 2017 by a group of international experts in product development, Fintech, entrepreneurial, finance, investment, and technology, Origin has made a name for itself in Web3.

They understand that the sharing economy grounded by the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and Fiverr has allowed suppliers to benefit from more diverse income sources and buyers from varied choices of products and services. However, since these platforms are centralized, there are multitude of problems such as high fees, arbitrary censorship, and increasingly restrictive regulation. Hence, Origin's goal is to radically decentralize the sharing economy and make the sharing economy truly empowering to all parties involved.

Staying true to their vision, Origin has developed a host of innovative decentralized products and services on blockchain. From secure messaging apps, passive income generating browser extension, to blockchain-based Shopify marketplace alternative, Origin has built them all. Their products and services are so revolutionary and well-developed that they have been featured on Forbes, Wall Street Journal, NASDAQ, Fast Company, Inc., etc.

Continuing their success trail, Origin Protocol sees the potential of NFT and creates Origin Story, an NFT marketplace that makes it easy for creators, collectors, and traders to access NFT. Taking advantage of their experience in building creator economy and peer-to-peer products, Origin creates a hit NFT marketplace. In 2021, Origin Story hosted NFT sales for Paris Hilton, Grammy Award-Winning Multi-Platinum Musician Lupe Fiasco, world-renowned DJ 3LAU, Inspiration4 Mission for SpaceX. Notably, the NFT sales of 3LAU raised $11.7 million, setting the record for the most successful music NFT in the world.

In the future, Origin Protocol plans to release a mobile payment app that competes with the likes of Venmo in the US and Wechat in China while incorporating high-yield savings and debit card payment.

Besides the widely acclaimed products and services, Origin Protocol's tokens have also achieved amazing feats. Origin's governance token, OGN, was listed on Bitget, Binance, and Coinbase. At the time of the release of this article, OGN has a market capitalization of $232 million and a 24-hour volume of $64 million. You can buy OGN with credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay on Bitget with ease.

OUSD, Origin's USD stablecoin, is the first stablecoin that allows holders to earn yields while the coin sits in their wallets. At the moment, OUSD's market capitalization reaches $66 million.

All these impressive milestones are achieved by a no-less impressive team. Origin Protocol's team comprises ex-managers and employees at tech giants like Facebook, Google, and PayPal. They have worked years in related fields, and each has their own accolades and achievements.

Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) token

OGV is the governance and value accrual token for OUSD. OGV holders can stake OGV in OUSD Governance Website for 1 month to 4 years to receive voting rights to decide the future of OUSD. The long locking time is required so that only those who are committed to OUSD for the long term.

To celebrate the launch of OGV in summer 2022, OGV is rewarded to both OUSD and OGN holders. Bitget also supports airdropping OGV for OGN holders.

OGV's Contract Address (ERC-20): 0x9c354503c38481a7a7a51629142963f98ecc12d0

OGV distribution:

Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) Introduction image 0

Source: Origin Protocol's Website

How to buy OGV

OGV is launched on major exchanges in summer 2022. The easiest way to buy OGV is to purchase it via an exchange that allows multiple payment methods like Bitget. You can buy OGV quickly and securely using credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay on Bitget.

Disclaimer: All products and projects listed in this article are not endorsements and are provided for informational purposes only.

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