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How to Withdraw Funds From the Bitget App

How to Withdraw Funds From the Bitget App

So, you've successfully traded on Bitget and want to enjoy your profits? This guide provides a straightforward process to withdraw funds from the Bitget mobile app.

Step 1: Navigate to Assets

Open your Bitget app and log in.
Locate and tap the “ Assets” option at the bottom right of the main menu.
You will be presented with several options. Choose " Withdraw".
Select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, e.g., USDT.
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Note: If you wish to withdraw funds from your Futures account, you must first transfer them to your spot account. This can be done by selecting the “Transfer” option within this section.

Step 2: Specify Withdrawal Details

On-chain withdrawal

For external wallet withdrawals, opt for the " On-chain withdrawal" option.
Then, provide:
  • Network: Choose the appropriate blockchain for your transaction.
  • Withdrawal Address: Input the address of your external wallet or pick one from your saved addresses. Not sure where to get the address? Check out this quick guide.
  • Amount: Specify how much you'd like to withdraw.
Click “ Withdraw” to move forward.
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Important : Ensure the receiving address matches the network. For instance, when withdrawing USDT via TRC-20, the receiving address should be TRC-20 specific. Errors can lead to irreversible loss of funds.
Verification Process: For security reasons, you'll need to verify your request through:
Email code
SMS code
Google Authenticator code

Internal withdrawal

If you want to make an internal transfer to another Bitget account, opt to the ‘ Internal transfer’ tab.
For internal transfers, it’s free and fast, and you can simply use an email address, mobile number, or a Bitget UID instead of the on-chain address.
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Step 3: Check Your Transaction

After completing the withdrawal process, to check your withdrawal history, select the [Bill] icon.
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Processing Times: While internal transfers are immediate, external transfers vary based on the network and its current load. Generally, they range from 30 minutes to an hour. However, during peak traffic times, expect potential delays.