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How to Claim Maverick Protocol (MAV) Airdrop

How to Claim Maverick Protocol (MAV) Airdrop

On June 28, Maverick Protocol, a DeFi infrastructure on Ethereum ,BNB Smart Chain, and zkSync Era, released details about its Ecosystem Incentive Program Pre-Season reward program. 30 million MAV tokens will be airdropped to early adopters and contributors of the Maverick ecosystem, representing 1.5% of the total MAV supply and ~4.9% of the total Liquidity Mining and Airdrops allocation.A snapshot was taken at 20:00 on June 22 (UTC) and a total of 26,155 Ethereum mainnet addresses and 96,075 zkSync Era network addresses are eligible for MAV token airdrop.

Here is a comprehensive tutorial for claiming your MAV airdrops, let’s get started.

What is Maverick Protocol (MAV) ?

Maverick is a permissionless derivatives protocol with an innovative liquidity bootstrapping mechanism—the "Automated Liquidity Placement vAMM"—that positions liquidity more effectively around the market price. Since launch, the protocol has been ranked as top 3 DEX on Ethereum and #1 DEX on zkSync Era by volume, securing more than $37M in total value locked (“TVL”), supporting over $2B in on-chain volume.

Maverick secured a $9 million fundraising round in June 2023, led by venture capital firm Founders Fund, with support from other distinguished firms, including Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and Apollo Crypto.


MAV airdrops are calculated using a combination of these factors:

  1. Liquidity Providing, by TVL and duration

  2. Achieving Contributor or higher roles in Maverick Warrior Program

  3. Participation in Snapshot governance votes

  4. Trading volume using Maverick UI

  5. Holding Maverick MAVA NFTs

You can find the airdrop allocation from the table below:

How to Claim Maverick Protocol (MAV) Airdrop image 0

When to claim

Claiming will be available on June 28, 2023 08:00 (UTC).

Where to claim

Visit starting at June 28,2023 08:00 (UTC).

How to claim

When the claim function is live, you can click on the Claim button, connect your wallet and follow the workflow to claim your airdrop.

Noted: The airdrop claiming will be on Ethereum and zkSync Era chain. Please make sure you have switched to the correct blockchain.

How to trade

MAV/USDT trading pair will be available on Bitget at 08:00 (UTC) on June 28. We also offer our AI-integrated Spot Grid Trading product to help you capture every fluctuation in the market and maximize your profits. MAV is also available on major DEXs.

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