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Bitget’s Martingale Strategy: A Hands-on Tutorial

Bitget’s Martingale Strategy: A Hands-on Tutorial

What is Martingale strategy?

Martingale strategy, also known as the dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy, is an investment tactic leveraged by many investors to hedge against volatility and unstable market sentiment. If you’re not familiar with this term, check out our brief introduction to DCA.

Martingale strategy makes investing easier and cheaper, not to mention calmer. It is not without its drawbacks, however, as it calls for tremendous discipline and commitment. Even with knowledge of all its benefits, you may still be tempted to make frequent changes due to destructive emotions such as panic or FOMO.

Bitget’s Martingale Strategy Advantages

Bitget keeps discipline for you. We are one of the first major exchanges to offer a Martingale Strategy product, and it works for both spot and futures. All you need to do is set your preferences, and your investments will be automatically executed to a T. A detailed explanation of our Martingale Strategy product can be found here.

Simple, and powerful: Our Martingale Strategy is as easy as can be and as sophisticated as needed. You can follow our AI trading bots if you’re not overall familiar with Martingale or crypto and just want to sample it first. We also offer a wide range of parameters for any complex strategy you have in mind for whichever direction the asset price may be heading towards.

When you’re done, you’re done: When your active strategy is finished, i.e., when you’ve achieved your target profit or taken your maximum loss, your strategy will be put to a stop so that no further actions may be taken by accident.

Your strategies, your knowledge: Your preferences will be saved so that you may start your battle-tested strategy whenever you want with just a few mouse clicks. You can also share them with your friends to help them get a lay of the crypto land.

Always in the know: We will keep you informed throughout the process. We provide references before setting up your strategy so you will know when you may take profit and by how much. You will also be reminded of the progress of your strategy.

A Hands-on Tutorial

To start trading with Bitget’s Martingale Strategy, sign up or log in to your account, select ‘Create a trading bot’ under ‘Copy trading’, or visit this link: Strategy bot, then select ‘Futures Martingale’ or ‘Spot Martingale’.

Spot Martingale

Trading spot with our Martingale Strategy is as intuitive as it is powerful. Upon entering our Spot Martingale strategy page, browse through our field-tested strategies on the right:

Bitget’s Martingale Strategy: A Hands-on Tutorial image 0

Select one that best suits you. We offer strategies with 3 levels of risk exposure: Aggressive, Secure, and Conservative. Aggressive strategies will fight for higher returns at the cost of higher risk. Conservative strategies will try to minimize your risk even if it means lower returns. Secure strategies will attempt to strike a balance between risk and return.

You’ll also see each strategy’s 30-day backtested APY and trading direction to help you make more informed decisions. Click on ‘Select’, enter your investment amount, and click on ‘Create an order’ to deploy your first strategy.

You can also select ‘Manual’ to take the rein and execute any strategy you have in mind.

Select ‘Normal Martingale’ if you see the asset appreciating and wish to make purchases or ‘Reverse Martingale’ if you predict depreciation and plan to sell that asset.

Bitget’s Martingale Strategy: A Hands-on Tutorial image 1

 We offer these parameters for you to fine-tune your strategy:

Bitget’s Martingale Strategy: A Hands-on Tutorial image 2

Price action (up/down): the price change (%) at which you place your first follow-up order. Can be set to 0.1% to 10%.

Max safety orders: the total number of safety orders you plan to follow up with. Can be set to 1 to 99.

Base order size: the amount of your first order.

Target profit: your current cycle of Martingale strategy will terminate when you have achieved your target profit. Can be set to 0.1% to 100,000%. You can set your target profit as a percentage of your base order size or your total volume.

And more with ‘Advanced’ toggled on:

Trigger price: the asset price for your first order. Will be set at market price with ‘Advanced’ toggled off.

TP calculation: whether your target profit is calculated based on your Total volume or Base order size.

Safety order price interval: the ratio between each price drop and the former. Can be set to 0.1 to 10.

Safety order multiplier: the ratio between the amount of each safety order and the order before. Minimum 0.1.

Stop loss: the ratio between the maximum loss you’re willing to take and your last safety order. Your Martingale strategy will stop when you have suffered this maximum loss. Can be set to 0.1% to 99.99%.

Cycles: the number of TP/SLs your strategy will go through. Set it to infinite if you wish to keep your strategy running until you run out of funds.

Sell/Buy at termination: sell (for normal Martingale) or buy (for reverse Martingale) assets when your bot is terminated.

When every parameter is set, click ‘Create an order’.

Your Martingale strategy is now up and running! 

Where do I see active strategies?

Select ‘Current Strategy’ to see all active strategies and their status. You can also select ‘Historical strategy’ to see all terminated strategies.

Bitget’s Martingale Strategy: A Hands-on Tutorial image 3

Note: your total profit is calculated as the sum of all realized profit from terminated cycles (minus trading fee) and all unrealized profit from the current cycle.

Futures Martingale

Futures Martingale Strategy offers pretty much the same parameters as Spot Martingale Strategy with the addition of margin and leverage settings. To start your first Futures Martingale Strategy, head to our Futures Martingale page, choose your coin pair, and select one from our bountiful list of AI strategies (both long and short).

Bitget’s Martingale Strategy: A Hands-on Tutorial image 4

Then, adjust your leverage ratio and fill in your margin. Note that every AI strategy has a minimum margin requirement. Double-check everything before clicking on ‘Create an order’, and voila! your crypto assets are now empowered by cutting-edge AI!

Bitget’s Martingale Strategy: A Hands-on Tutorial image 5

You can also select ‘Manual’ for a more bespoke trading experience. Choose ‘Long Martingale’ if you see the asset appreciating or ‘Short Martingale’ if you predict depreciation. Our futures Martingale strategies only operate in cross-margin mode. Do pay close attention to your leverage ratio and available margin to avoid unwanted strategy termination due to forced liquidation.

Bitget’s Martingale Strategy: A Hands-on Tutorial image 6

Refer to these two guides for more information regarding our Martingale strategies’ terms:

Spot Martingale parameters explained

Futures Martingale parameters explained


Bitget has always been striving to improve your trading experience. We offer a colorful selection of cryptocurrencies and a compelling set of tools to make trading better, faster, and most importantly, safer.

Can’t wait to test it out? Start trading with Bitget Martingale Strategy now!

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