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Why Easy On And Off Ramp Is Critical To Mass Crypto Adoption

Why Easy On And Off Ramp Is Critical To Mass Crypto Adoption

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized modern society and money in general. Many thanks to the constant and never-ending innovation in technology and human advancement. We have seen money evolve from one era to another. Starting from the barter system to the precious metal era, then transitioning to the gold coin era, and eventually to the fiat monetary system that is fully centralized and controlled by the government.

Currently, technology has made it possible for money to become decentralized, accessible by holders, and transferred from one place to another with ease. This possibility can be seen with cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.

With this development in finance, a lot of cryptocurrency users have benefited economically from its use cases, and are exploring greater ways to even use crypto as leverage for business and other social impact purposes.

For this to happen, business owners that seek to leverage crypto must find ways to onboard their customers, clients, and consumers to interact more with this evolving financial technology.

The mass adoption of cryptocurrency is obviously dependent on so many factors including education, seamless and easy-to-use applications, government regulations, mainstream media participation, and lots more.

However, the aim of this article is to break down the role and importance of on-ramp and off-ramp as a service to easily onboard new crypto users into the ecosystem.

Let’s ride on.

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