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What is Bitget Insurance fund?

What is Bitget Insurance fund?

Bitget uses an insurance fund to decrease the possibility of Auto-Deleveraging. The insurance fund is a key part of any exchange that allows leveraged trading. It plays a large role in cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. An exchange with a healthy insurance fund means traders can expect a smooth trading experience, even when markets are illiquid or experiencing extreme volatility.

The insurance fund is an additional mechanism that helps preventing traders to have a profitable position being forcibly closed in the event of large liquidations. In that sense, the insurance fund can be seen as a fund that acts as the first line of defense against contract loss.

How exactly does the Insurance Fund work?

Whenever a position is being closed forcefully, there are two importan t price mechanics involved, namely the bankruptcy price and the liquidation price (final executed price of that liquidated position). The balance of the insurance fund will increase or decrease depending on the price difference between those two mechanics.

When liquidations are executed at a better price than the bankruptcy price, the remaining margin will be added to the insurance fund.

When liquidations are executed at a price worse than the bankruptcy price, the losses will be covered by the insurance fund.

How do I know what the balance of the Insurance fund is?

Traders can always refer to the balance of the insurance fund by clicking on the following meny options. Futures -> Futures info -> Provision of risks, or by clicking on the following link:

What happens if the insurance fund is depleted?

If the insurance fund is insufficient to cover the gap between bankruptcy and executed liquidation price, then the contract losses will be taken over by the ADL system and absorbed by the traders on the platform in a tier-like manner.

So if for example, the insurance fund has 100.000 USDT, but a singular contract loss amounts to 120.000 USDT, the entire contract loss will be taken over by the ADL mechanism.

If the insurance fund has 100.000 USDT, and if the following three orders by the size of 80.000, 20.000 and 30.000 USDT are liquidated in chronological matter, then the position with 30.000 USDT will be absorbed by the top-tier PNL/Margin traders through the automated ADL system.


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