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Tutorial For Selecting A Trader On Bitget Copy Trade

Tutorial For Selecting A Trader On Bitget Copy Trade

There are over 80,000 expert traders on Bitget One-Click Copy Trade, so copiers may be wondering how to select the best traders for their needs.

Here are some tips on selecting the right expert trader to help copiers make profit. Note that the 'FILTER' menu can be found by selecting the filter button on the top of the One-Click Copy Trade page.

1. Check the trader's ranking or Assets Under Management (AUM). This is the easiest and fastest way to find an expert trader. Typically, choosing a trader by AUM or ranking gives a 40% success rate for profit.

2. Turn off the "local" toggle, so copiers can see all expert traders, worldwide. Unless copiers are specifically looking for an elite trader in their timezone (e.g. maybe copiers want to watch their trading decisions when they are awake), opening up the pool to international traders give copiers a better chance to find the right fit.

3. In the filters menu, set the total P/L (USDT) to over 2000 USDT and 3W (3 Week) Win rate to over 40%. The power of combining these two metrics has been tested and was historically proven to give traders a 60% success rate in delivering profit. (Note: The success rate is affected by many factors, and the data is under ideal situation. Profitability depends on factors such as the trader's personal history orders and margin, etc. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.)

4. Turn on the "Hide Full" toggle to hide expert traders who are currently not eligible to have more followers i.e. they've reached max capacity. Although intuitively, many expert traders have the full capacity of followers, it saves time if copiers want to start copy trading right away. If copiers do find an elite trader that they'd like to follow but the expert trader's follower list is already full, copiers can also set up a reminder to notify themselves when there's a free slot.

After selecting these filters, look at the pool of potential traders and find those who have trading orders over 50 and followers over 100, as these traders generally have more credibility to their performance ranking.

So, these are the tips we've learned using One-Click Copy Trade and we encourage copiers to also give them a try. Copiers might be surprised by the results when they implement the strategy, especially tip number 1 and 3. But please carefully use the strategy as well, no 100% Profitability can be guaranteed on the market. Good luck!

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