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Spot Trading: Pros and Cons

Spot Trading: Pros and Cons

Spot traders make money by buying cryptocurrencies at a specific time and selling them when prices increase. Like Futures, Spot trading offers an interesting way to gain exposure to the crypto market. Your ultimate choice between both is dependent on your investment approach and strategy. This article covers the pros and cons of why you should trade Spot markets and the risks involved!

Benefits of spot trading crypto

Spot trading is significantly less risky compared to margin-based cryptocurrency trading. You can purchase assets without the fear of being liquidated by price fluctuations.

When you buy an asset on the spot, you actually own the asset itself, where you are free to move it to offline storage or sell it whenever and wherever you'd like. You are the sole owner.

Spot trading allows you to utilize your crypto assets for other services, such as staking or making online payments.

Spot trading is beginner friendly. Due to the absence of margin requirements, concepts such as liquidation, bankruptcy, and funding are non-existent in spot trading. This, in turn, makes it significantly less difficult to measure your reward or risk in a transparent process based on simple demand and supply.

Risks of spot trading crypto

Spot trading only facilitates long trading. You either own or do not own an asset. If you wish to short trade any of the assets, you will have to look at other trading products such as futures/swaps or options.

Potential gains in the spot market are smaller than margin trading because no leverage is involved. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon for crypto markets to see moves in the double digits.

Closing words

Spot trading is more straightforward than other trading products. You take ownership of assets when you buy them, and you can't borrow or use leverage in the spot market. You only make a profit when the cryptocurrencies you purchased are rising in value and you exit your position.

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The information provided above is not financial advice but for educational and entertainment purposes. Please do your own due diligence or consult a financial advisor before investing in any digital assets.