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Bitget Index Futures: Operational Guidelines

Bitget Index Futures: Operational Guidelines

This is the most detailed guide on Bitget Index Futures and all related questions that you may come across.

Why You’ll Need To Incorporate Bitget Index Futures Into Your Portfolio

As suggested by the name itself, Bitget Index Futures is the futures contract on an index that tracks a basket of coins on Bitget. In short, traders and investors can get a grasp of how the market is doing by following the collective performance of hyped coins, thereby managing their trades in a more efficient way.

Now imagine managing risk without an index. What’d you do? Checking the Bitcoin chart, the Ethereum chart, stablecoins charts, NFT charts, DeFi charts, etc. corresponding to your holdings and your positions. That is surely an arduous and horrendous task to carry out on a regular basis. With the help of an index, you can surely reduce your time in front of the screen and still be able to achieve the wanted resu< think of it as a passive investment/trading strategy. In terms of capital, it is also of great benefit to trade index futures because (1) leverage is an integral part of our Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures, therefore you only need a small amount of funds to get exposure to our Bitget Index Futures and diversify your portfolio, (2) the associated costs will be significantly reduced, and (3) there is a great chance that losses incurred by risky trades will be compensated by the market’s long-term positive return.

There is one more implied reason to start trading Bitget Index Futures (under the ticker BGHOT10USDT), that is, we do not include Bitcoin and Ethereum as the components. First of all, due to their massive market dominance, the index would then be heavily influenced by even a small change in their prices. Moreover, if you take a closer look at the Component Info, you can see that the index tracks major Layer 1 tokens (ADA, SOL, MATIC, AVAX, ATOM), popular DEXs (SUSHI and DYDX), veteran tokens that have proved their ability to weather several storms in nearly a decade (XRP and ETC) and the emerging project of APT.

Bitget Index Futures: Operational Guidelines image 0

The weight of popular DEXs is much lower than others because the others serve more purposes than the native tokens of DeFi protocols and consequently have more use cases. Nevertheless, our BGHOT10 Index still guarantees exposure to a wide category of coins and tokens - a perfectly liquid option for anyone wanting to profit from assets other than Bitcoin/Ethereum with minimum risks.

How To Start Trading Bitget Index Futures (BGHOT10)

If you are completely new to the space, join us to secure your 5,005 USDT welcome package as soon as possible!

If you haven’t traded futures before, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is a full guide on trading BGHOT10, short and simple:

Step 1: Go to Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures

Bitget Index Futures: Operational Guidelines image 1

Step 2: Search for BGHOT in the Search Box and click on the contract BGHOT10USDT

Bitget Index Futures: Operational Guidelines image 2

Step 3: Look for the Transfer button on the menu bar on the right side of the page. Click on Transfer, enter the amount of USDT to transfer to your Futures account, verify all the information and click Confirm.

Bitget Index Futures: Operational Guidelines image 3

Note: For first-timers, please note that BGHOT10 is a USDT-Ⓜ contract, meaning that margin and settlement are calculated in USDT. You need to make sure that you have deposited USDT to your Spot account to be able to complete this step. Here are our guides on Transferring assets from your wallets to Bitget, Buying crypto on our P2P markets, Buying crypto with Credit Card/Google Pay/Apple Pay, and Buy crypto with fiat currencies on Bitget.

Step 4: Study the components of Bitget Index Futures (BGHOT10) by clicking on the Index Price button as follows:

Bitget Index Futures: Operational Guidelines image 4

Step 5: Scroll down to find the Component Info. Click on the button and you’re done!

Bitget Index Futures: Operational Guidelines image 5

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Simply create an account, and start exploring the incredible Bitget-Verse today!