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Automated Trading Made Easy - Bitget Auto-Invest

Automated Trading Made Easy - Bitget Auto-Invest
Think investment, but hands-off, less intimidating, and (almost) stress-free. Auto-investing is a great starting point for new investors and is even leveraged by many veterans. It is a simple and convenient way to enjoy automated trading without active portfolio management or timely responses to fluctuations.
Auto-investing comes with many benefits, even the potential for achieving Einstein's 8th wonder of the world - compound interest. Many investors and influencers would recommend that you start with auto-investing in index funds, a simple but powerful strategy even once recommended by Warren Buffett himself.
Now, we have brought this robust strategy to the crypto market with our latest Auto-Invest product.

What's so great about Bitget's Auto-Invest?

Where to begin? Our Auto-Invest offers a myriad of benefits, including:
Consistency: Auto-Investing helps you stay on course with your investment strategy, even if you don't have one. Simply choose an interval, prepare your equity (USDT) in advance, and let us do the rest. You'll never miss investment opportunities or forget to invest.
Discipline: if you're new to the crypto market, you may be overwhelmed by the daily information torrent and make the majority of your investment out of FOMO. With Auto-Invest, on the other hand, emotion is taken out of the equation, and market fluctuations would have minimal effects on your decisions.
Time-saving: even with all the knowledge in the world, no one (or bot) can guarantee that they always buy in at the lowest point. Instead of spending time researching investment opportunities or monitoring market trends, you can set up your Auto-Invest plan and let it do the work for you. You still can't always buy in at rock bottom but at least you won't miss out on anything when you're waiting for the 'right' moment.
Interest-compounding: compound interest does magical things. Even the smallest initial investment can grow exponentially over long periods. In fact, many financial experts recommend taking advantage of the power of compound interest by investing early and often in order to maximize your returns over time.

A hands-on tutorial

Bitget's Auto-Invest is as easy as it sounds and as stress-free as can be. To set up your first spot auto-invest strategy, click 'Bots' from our homepage, then select 'Spot auto-invest'.
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Or you can simply click here to enter the Bitget's Auto-Invest page.
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You can either select one from our recommended portfolio or manually customize your strategy.
Our recommended portfolios include some of the hottest coins and sectors, giving you a one-stop exposure to blue-chip tokens and rising challengers. To start investing in one of our recommended portfolios, click 'Use' on any of the portfolios you find interesting.
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You can keep everything as it is, fill in an investment amount, and click 'Create' to deploy your first automated trading strategy.
If you know what you're doing, you can fine-tune each parameter or even formulate your strategy from scratch.
To construct your own strategy, you must first add coins you plan to purchase. You can invest up to 10 cryptocurrencies with one strategy. Each cryptocurrency can be allocated with its unique weight, or you can simply spread them equally. Do your own research before selecting assets because your strategy will stop functioning in case of delisting or other unexpected events.
Then, choose an interval. It can be as frequent as every hour or as separated as every year. This time is the local time of the location of the device you create this strategy on. All assets will be bought at the marke t price at the time of your choosing. Your strategy can either start right now (today) or at the next trigger.
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Lastly, decide on a size, that is, the total amount of equity (USDT, for the time being) you wish to invest in. It doesn't have to be big but do remember to keep enough balance in your spot account, or your strategy may come to an unexpected halt. You can change this number later, even when the strategy is active.
One more thing, tick the box if you would like the strategy to become inactive once your spot account balance could not cover the investment. No sweat, however, because you can reactivate your strategies at any time in the future.
Now, you can click on 'Create' and deploy your first Auto-Invest strategy!