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Venice Biennale's first is about to open with MetaEpica selected as the first NFT collection meeting the public


As the authorized wallet of the exhibition, Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) has added all exhibiting projects to its NFT Market and supports mint, transfer, and other transactions with NO NFT transaction fee charged currently.

Venice Biennale's first is about to open with MetaEpica selected as the first NFT collection meeting the public image 0

The first Crypto art exhibition of the 59th Venice Biennale“The Time of the Chimeras”will be opened on April 20th, 2022 at Palazzo Bernardo Venice, San Polo 2186, concurrent as the opening of the Venice Biennale theme exhibition. The exhibition will last until 2022 November 27.

“The Time of the Chimeras” is co-sponsored by GCA DAO (Global Crypto Art Distributed Autonomous Organization), together with the Venice Biennale Committee and the National Pavilion of Cameroon. The founding consultants of GCA DAO consist of more than 40 senior people from all over the world, including artists, curators, art dealers, collectors, poets, scientists, and blockchain industry investors. With the support of the professional platform Venice Biennale, honouring artistic creation, technological and financial innovation, blockchain mechanism and the spirit of encryption, GCA DAO will establish an encryption cultural community that uniquely advances and extensively influences both the world of art and the world of encryption. They will absorb council members through the issuance of small-scale director NFTs with strict invitation system and KYC process, and use this as a gene to complete the construction of a large-scale DAO community through continuous NFT sales.

MetaEpica will be the first series of NFT works to be publicly released for the first crypto art exhibition of the Venice Biennale, the most intimate and significant reward for the exhibition supporters. It’s one of the most poetic NFT series created by artist Marina Núñez, narrates the evolution of human souls and dreams of nature metaverse.

Benefits for MetaEpica holders:

1. Each NFT will be linked to unlocked content, and the holder can print it into a physical work by downloading the high-definition image;

2. Each NFT holder will receive an electronic version of the exhibition album of 'Chimera Era', which will be sent via email address;

3. Holders will have free access to participate in various forums and workshops held during the exhibition;

4. The holder will naturally obtain the whitelist of NFT issued by GCA DAO participating artists in the future, and there will no longer be a special whitelist mechanism for the NFT release of GCA DAO in the future;

5. Holders have the opportunity to choose the professional alliance of GCA DAO to participate in alliance affairs and even the overall DAO governance activities;

6. Holders have the opportunity to share DAO's future directional operation and investment income, as well as other co-created project income.

In this crypto art exhibition, any donating over 0.15 eth will get an NFT by an important artist in the exhibition as return.

  • Total Supply: 3768 NFTs
  • Doners are expected to mint their NFTs from April 23 to April 25, 2022 through the GCA DAO website;
  • NFTs not minted as of April 25, 2022 will be sold at a price of 0.2 ETH;

GCA DAO will reserve 197 NFTs as contributions and community rewards to thank those who worked on the project early and actively participated in community building.

All donations and sales monies will go into GCA DAO's dedicated multi-signature wallet for:

1. Expenses relevant to the exhibition;

2. NFT project support for exhibition artists and future emerging artists;

3. Crypto Art knowledge popularization and workshop expenses;

4. The early construction of various functional alliances of GCA DAO.

List of participating artists in the first crypto art exhibition on the Venice Biennale:

  • Keven Abosch (Ireland & US)
  • João Angelini (Brasil)
  • Marco Bertìn (Italy)
  • Cryptoart Driver (China)
  • Lana Denina (Canada)
  • Alberto Echegaray Guevara (Uruguay & US)
  • Genesis People (China)
  • Joachim Hildebrand (Spain)
  • Meng Huang (China & Germany)
  • Eduardo Kac (US)
  • Gyulia Kosice (Czech Argentine)
  • Julio Le Parc (Argentina)
  • Marina Nuñez (Spain)
  • Miguel Soler-Roig (Spain)
  • Miguel Ángel Vidal (Argentina)
  • Mille Kals mose
  • Burkhard von Harder (Germany)
  • Gabe Weis (US)
  • Clark Winter (US & Spain)
  • Shavonne Wong (Hong Kong)
  • Wang Xing (China)
  • Alessandro Zannier (Italy)
  • ZZH (China)

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