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What is Dapp


We all know that App is a client application, which is the abbreviation of application. Dapp is D+app, d is the first letter of the English word decentralization, which means "decentralization", that is, Dapp is a decentralized application.
If this is a bit difficult to understand, we can describe it more simply: App is an application running on a centralized system, and Dapp is an application running on a blockchain.
Dapp is to blockchain what APP is to IOS and Android. That is: Dapp = Frontend + Smart Contract.
Because a smart contract is an electronic contract code that cannot be modified and cannot be tampered with once it is written, and it is publicized and stored in the blockchain for decentralization. When external conditions change, such as default or contract expiration, the smart contract will be automatically triggered. Relying on the constraints of smart contracts, Dapp can directly link users and developers without the need for middlemen to operate and manage code and user data.
Building Dapps also does not require approval, and no company or centralized organization can change the rules of the platform. There are over 4000 Dapps on Ethereum today. Ethereum is currently the most developed Dapp platform, but in recent years, many new public chains have emerged, and each public chain runs various Dapps that can meet the needs of users on the chain.
In Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet, 40+ public chain Dapps are supported, and users can access and use these Dapps directly through the wallet. Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) has classified Dapps by main chain, application type, popularity, etc., so that users can more clearly and conveniently search for Dapps that meet their needs.

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