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What is a Web3 DApp?


Web 3.0 applications are called DApps, and the full name is Decentralized Application.

To understand DApps, you must first understand "decentralization". In the era of Web 2.0, the services we access are all [centralized] services, and the administrators have absolute authority. Some of the platform's actions have a great impact on users. influences. After "decentralization", this kind of absolute authority will disappear, and everyone can view your code logic. If you deliberately hide the code logic, it will be an unequal smart contract and will not be recognized.

According to The General Theory of Decentralized Applications White Paper, applications that meet the following criteria are considered Dapps:

  • Open Source – Decentralized applications must be completely open source and run autonomously. Simply put, the code is completely open for review and modification by other developers or programmers.
  • Decentralization – Encrypting all data on a publicly accessible blockchain.
  • Cryptocurrencies (Tokens) – provide native digital currencies (Coins) for the blockchain or tokens (Tokens) issued with smart contracts, providing value to miners and users.
  • Algorithm – Enables mining through a network of nodes using standard encryption algorithms.
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