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MetaLine (MLT) [GameFi]


MetaLine is an upcoming Web3 multiplayer sailing game that is currently under development and is set to launch soon on the Arbitrum network.

If you are looking for a game that lets you explore the Arbitrum ecosystem through blockchain technology, MetaLine is a must-try GameFi that you should consider.

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About MetaLine

MetaLine is a Web3-based game that allows players to engage in nautical management, adventure, and strategy. It comprises six system modules: production and trading, upgrading, port, combat, NFT, and ecosystem. Players can build their sea empire by cooperating with different mission systems, and as more missions are released, the built-in port system opens doors for more users to join the meta-universe. Combining the combat system allows players to have the best gaming experience and enjoy rich gameplay.


MetaLine's vision extends beyond providing an eSports game; it aims to establish a gaming metaverse that bridges the gap between owners of encrypted digital assets and gamers. The ultimate objective is to create a sustainable ecosystem that enables global recognition of gaming, digital asset ownership, and in-game transactions. MetaLine aspires to revolutionize multiple facets of human life by leveraging blockchain technology. Below are some of the gameplay features offered by MetaLine.

NFT blind box: MetaLine launched its first Genesis mystery box in mid-February 2023, containing NFT heroes with ten different occupations and five qualities. The NFT heroes will improve Play-to-Earn efficiency and the in-game combat strength through their attributes.

Hero: MetaLine's initial launch will feature ten heroes with different occupations with two primary attributes and eight bonus attributes, varying in level with quality. The highest quality NFT heroes have higher attributes, and the strongest UR card has a 50% bonus in all eight attributes, while the weakest N card has only a 1% bonus.

Ship: MetaLine allows players to build NFT ships using land resources and special materials produced from the land, which can be obtained through in-game activities and special missions. These NFT ships are used for trading and transporting goods in the game.

Trading: Players can trade by setting up a trade in the port, using their owned land assets and NFTs for production and trade. Only one trade can be set up in each port, and goods can only be unloaded after starting trade at the destination.

Ports: MetaLine's ports are based on real ports globally, and the first ten ports include Pisa, Marseille, Barcelona, Algiers, Lisbon, London, Stockholm, Alexandria, Mumbai, and Quanzhou. Each port is an entrance to a new metaverse that makes up the ecosystem parallel to the universe.

Goods: MetaLine has two types of goods: consumables and trading goods. Consumables are grain, wood, and iron while trading goods are 70 in total, which can be collected after production in the port and sold for profit after being transported to the destination.

Route: In MetaLine, a real-world map allows players to view their ship's location, origin, remaining voyage, and more.


MetaLine's economic model revolves around two tokens: the in-game token, MetaLine Gold, and the on-chain token, MLT. MetaLine Gold has no limit on the total issuing amount and can only be obtained by participating in game scenarios and tasks such as transportation tasks and winning battles. Players can use MetaLine Gold to purchase general game items, which will be automatically consumed.

The total supply of MLT is 300,000,000 pieces, of which 170 million will be used in the MetaLine economic system as the only exchange Token. Players can exchange MetaLine Gold for MLT at the day’s exchange rate in each port's bank.

Players can also profit by selling different NFTs through the NFT trading platform. After earning coins through production, trade, and combat, they can sell coins any time in exchange for Tokens of that value. The number of MetaLine Gold issued is determined by the total GDP in the game to ensure the basic economic balance. As an on-chain asset, MetaLine Gold is tradable once listed and has monetary value in the future.

How to Buy MetaLine NFT?

1. Search for [MetaLine] in the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) NFT Market. Select “MetaLine MysteryBox” as shown below.

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2. Browse through the available NFT blind boxes on sale in the collection. Choose the treasure box you wish to purchase and click on [Buy Now] to complete the transaction.

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