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How to Add Shibarium to Bitget Wallet?

How to Add Shibarium to Bitget Wallet? image 0

In the dynamic realm of Web3, where innovation sets the stage for new possibilities, a remarkable project has emerged: Shibarium. As the digital financial landscape continues to evolve, groundbreaking projects like Shibarium shape the future. This article will explore what Shibarium is, unraveling its significance, advantages, and show you how you can add the Shibarium mainnet to your Bitget Wallet.

What is Shibarium?

Shibarium is Layer 2 (L2) blockchain solution that addresses two paramount challenges haunting the Ethereum network: scalability and transaction costs. Born from the Shiba Inu project, this innovative platform is poised to reshape the way transactions unfold in Web3.

Shibarium's debut marks a pivotal juncture for the Shiba Inu ($SHIB) token's ecosystem. This milestone constitutes yet another substantial catalyst propelling $SHIB's widespread adoption. A remarkable feat within the realm of tokenomics is underscored by Shibarium's incorporation of Bone ShibaSwap ($BONE) as the designated gas fee token.

In addition to $SHIB and $BONE, Shibarium is set to introduce $TREAT—a nascent financial incentive tool still in its developmental phase—into the ecosystem. This impending token holds the promise of enriching and contributing to the ecosystem's dynamics.

Key Advantages of Shibarium

Shibarium promises a few benefits, as we will explore below.

1. Enhanced Transaction Efficiency

Shibarium's Layer 2 solution brings about a quantum leap in transaction processing times. This advancement sets the stage for substantial growth and accelerated transaction speeds, laying the foundation for a future marked by agility.

2. Reduced Transaction Costs

The oftentimes prohibitive gas fees plaguing Ethereum users find their antidote in Shibarium's Layer 2 magic. By shifting a significant portion of transactions off-chain, Shibarium minimizes the gas fees, providing a welcome relief from the financial burden of high transaction costs.

3. Enhanced Token Utility

Shibarium transforms the landscape for Shiba Inu's native tokens. With the shift to $BONE as the native currency, Shiba Inu takes a decisive step towards streamlined control of token supply. Validators, pivotal to the network's integrity, are compensated in $BONE, strengthening the ecosystem's foundation.

The Shibarium Ecosystem

Users venturing into the Shibarium ecosystem will expect to enjoy several unique elements that form its focus:

1. Token Integration

Shibarium seamlessly integrates with Shiba Inu's metaverse initiatives, alongside tokens like $LEASH and $BONE—tokens that contribute to a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem.

2. Decentralized Exchange and DApps

At the heart of the ecosystem lies ShibaSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) and launchpad that empowers users to trade and yield farm. Additionally, a rich array of decentralized applications enriches the Shibarium experience, from secure storage solutions to stability enhancers and efficient trading platforms.

How to Add Shibarium to your Bitget Wallet

Step 1: Log in to your Bitget Wallet App and tap on "All Mainnets" at the top right hand corner of your home page.

Step 2: Select "Add Mainnet" and scroll the sidebar to the right, before tapping on "Custom Net".

Step 3: Enter "Shibarium" into the search bar, and tap the "+" sign next to the Shibarium search result. You will receive a pop-up confirmation upon successful addition of the Shibarium mainnet.

Step 4: Return to your home page and double check that the active mainnet on your Bitget Wallet is "Shibarium".

How to Add Shibarium to Bitget Wallet? image 1

This concludes our lowdown of Shibarium and a guide on how to add it to your Bitget Wallet!

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As the world of Web3 continues in its dynamic evolution, Shibarium promises a new era of efficiency and scalability. With its ingenious Layer 2 solution, Shibarium addresses the pressing challenges of transaction costs and scalability that have long plagued the Ethereum network. This innovative platform brings with it a host of advantages, from enhanced transaction efficiency to reduced costs and expanded token utility.

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